Tuesday, July 10

Textual Feeling: One Life To Live

if there's one person that hates YOLO it's b.  which i think in turn means he hates living which in turn means i think he should be monitored because it might mean he's a danger to both himself and others.
it probably doesn't help when i won't stop YOLO'ing at him.
me: YOLO.
b: unless you're charlie then YOLNT.
me: YOLO!!!!
b: i'm going to punch you in the mouth.
me: i'm just trying to get my YOLO on.
b: me too.  that's why i'm going to punch you in the mouth.
me: YOLO.  i'm going to drink more.  the abuse won't be so bad when i'm thoroughly intoxicated.
b: i will make it count.
b: i am no longer responding to messages involving YOLO.
me: YOLO L Word?
b: what about L Word?
and then i sent him a picture of this:

and he hasn't even responded.  so i think that means he's punishing me.  or attempting to teach me a lesson.  which we all know doesn't work.  just ask my bank account.  or vodka.
so seriously - wtf, b?
we should eat this, because hello it's a bacon sundae and YOLO.

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