Tuesday, July 17

The Chain 'O Lakes Made Me Its Bitch

PREFACE: this was back when i thought not formatting the size of your pictures was like totally awesome.

sweet lord.
ever have one of those weekends where you require at least 48 hours in bed to recover?  or the phrase "i'm too old for this shit" comes to mind?  or it dawns on you that you're a loser compared to shitler's aunt and uncle - who are quite possibly the coolest people ever.  i mean - the type of people that know everyone and party harder than anyone i've ever met.  it's incredible.
i don't know how else to describe the events other then it included boats, water, booze, shitler licking men's faces, jack russell terriers, zero recovery time, tan lines like a motherfucker, more booze, bands, crazy bachelorette parties, booze, etc.

i can't do it justice in words - so bear with me as i inundate you with photos.

and then there's this picture.  which is pretty much my favorite.  because i don't know what's going on.  and i can't even imagine what the caption should be.


  1. Nice scenery!! I love the pic of you and Tom...you with the polka dot bikini!! Love those polka dots!!!

  2. Is their Jack as nuts as mine?? Looks like an awesome weekend!


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