Monday, November 25

home, home on the gun range

show of hands for all the lady gun lovers in the house?  err. on the blog?  in the blog?  whichever.

PSA - i'm not here to start a debate about gun ownership vs. gun control either.

i just have to respectfully say that i like that there are guns in the house i live in.  that i like the fact that i have a fiance that rocks his conceal and carry license and that i certainly like the fact that i'm able to have the opportunity to operate all types of firearms.

i think some hesitancy towards guns comes from people's lack of knowledge and confidence in operating them to begin with.  i certainly don't ever want to be put in a situation where i would need to use a gun to protect myself but if push came to shove and i absolutely had to then so be it.  and frankly no one can ever deny the rush you get when shooting a gun at the gun range.  there is nothing, and i mean nothing, better.

and to reiterate - if you don't like guns that's ok.  just don't take away my right to own one.
and also i'll totally still protect you if i needed to non-gun-loving-friends.

i mean - i like to think i handled shitler's gun like a champ.
p.s. the friday of opening weekend shitler called me because he was freaking pumped to go hunting and very excitedly screamed "I JUST WANT TO KILL SOMETHING."  to which i replied "i really hope you're not in a public place right now."
p.p.s.  this.
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  1. Recently discovered tannerite. Blows up when you shoot it. Effing awesome.

  2. One time one of my coworkers would not stop going on and on about all the gun control laws she thought needed to be in place. Turns out, she's never even TOUCHED one, let alone shot one. Don't knock it till you try it. Or something.

  3. I despised guns and swore up and down I would never live in a house with guns. Then I met my fiance who owns a billion guns. He took me shooting and I was hooked. Now I live with more guns than I care to admit and I'm perfectly ok with that. Funny how opinions can change so suddenly.

  4. Fun fact: I had my concealed weapons permit in Florida. Are guns even legal in California..? JK, Oakland = Murder capital.

  5. I love going to the range! I think that even if people are against guns they should still take a gun safety class of some sort.

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  7. I shot a gun for the first time 2 years ago. I'm hooked. Not in a creepy way, but in a "that was fun and I want to do it again" way.

  8. I have a gun! I need to get to the gun range, soon.

  9. I asked J since he is deploying if I can have a gun to protect myself. He said I'd just end up shooting myself...he may be right

  10. I have never owned nor shot a gun but I totally want to learn someday.

  11. I love guns. We have one in every corner of our house and go to the rang maybe 3 times a year ( I know we need to go more - but we shoot clay pigeons so that counts for something right?) Anyway, intruders are screwed if they come to our house because no matter which room we're in - there's a gun and they're getting shot.
    new follower- { Raspy Wit }

  12. Home, home on the GUN Rangeeeeeee...where the CFs and LFs playyyyyy... awwww. the BEST song ever!!! Nothing looks cooler than a bad bitch with the barrel in hand (or, the "shaft," as I like to call it)

  13. I got the nervous shits just reading this post.
    Guns scare the shit out of me. Literally.

  14. My manfriend got me a gun for Christmas last year so we could go shooting together. It's just a little "get off me" gun (.22 LR pistol), but it's so fun!! It's petite and adorable and will fit nicely in my purse if I ever make it to the courthouse to get my concealed carry permit. I LOVE target shooting.

  15. MEE.YOW.
    I received my first gun as a present at 13. and I loved it. But I haven't gone shooting in years. And it makes me kind of sad.

    1. and here i thought i couldn't love you any more than i already did.
      and then you go ahead and post this.



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