Friday, November 1

thank you - jimmy fallon style

so deals.  everyone loves them, right?
does anyone love them in like an unhealthy way?  like maybe when you find a deal you capitalize on it in an obsessive way.  like obsessive in a way that you buy everything they have available and then laugh maniacally.  
like some sort of deranged cartoon villain?
kind of like this?

no?  just me?
well it's true.  it's mildly orgasmic when i score a phenomenal deal.
i mean my wedding?  technically the wedding is free and we just have to pay for the two week vacation and flight which feels like peanuts compared to the nutso price some psychos pay.
my wedding dress?  one hundred dolla make you holla.
the kindle i just bought was the same price as my dress and for some odd reason that makes me giggle (less actually).

but i digress.  because mainly i just want to talk about thank you cards.  and what a giant money pit they are.
it occurred to me that having a bridal shower and a giant party when we get back from the wedding is going to mean that people are probably going to get us stuff and that means that i'm going to have to turn around and buy thank you cards, fill them out, and then mail them.  and mainly i only started thinking about this because i got a thank you card like two weeks ago and i couldn't for the life of me remember what i had even bought the person (and even worse that they remind you of what you bought and you're all "that's what i bought them, hey?") nor for what event it had been for (and no - i don't get invited to a lot of events - i'm just that remedial).

there's a point to this.  i swear.
because yesterday i walked into the other money pit in my life (target) and went straight for that $1 section area where they have tons of shit you think you need but you really don't and it was there that i discovered packs of thank you cards.  FOR ONE DOLLAR EACH.  i'm glad i was the only way one in that area because the amount of excited jubilation i immediately began to outwardly demonstrate was highly embarrassing.  so i bought every.single.package that said "thank you" on it and felt like a boss.

 photo tumblr_mve4y5UVav1ql5yr7o1_500_zps2b9f64b6.gif
so $40 and forty packages of thank you cards later (i did the math for you in case you're bad at math like i am) i'd like to think i'm pretty much set for thank you cards.  and so naturally i had to excitedly tell shitler all about my triumphant victory.  and naturally he responded like the asshole he is with a "enjoy filling all those out by yourself."

and i thought to myself - "ya, i will enjoy myself.  because i hope people like jimmy fallon thank you note quips and a shitload of glitter."
because that's what they'll be getting.


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  1. Oh my god, Jimmy Fallon thank you cards would actually make me excited to buy shit for someone's wedding. I wish all brides did it.

  2. Jimmy Fallon writing notes if my favorite. And if your thank you cards are anything like that, people should feel damn lucky to get one!

  3. targettttttt. it's a love/hate relationship. love the thank you cards!

  4. You clever, clever lady, you. Also you are so much more prepared than I am and I am jealous.

  5. Love the dollar section at Target... you will be amazed at some stuff you find though. LOL

  6. ummm. you got a KINDLE?? I thought you were ANTI!

  7. Is it too late to send you something so that I can get one of these awesome cards?

  8. Those are actually really cute thank you cards from the dollar section! I was halfway expecting to see something really tacky, hahah. Target is a curse. All it needs is a bar and I would never leave, I swear. ♥

  9. Those are amazing cards and a dollar a pack, holy heck you got a good deal! I haven't any idea why, but I am obsessed with Target's blank note cards. I should probably start using them, maybe say thanks to the neighbor for leaving their knocked over trash can in the road or something.

    1. GIRL. get thee to a target because they had a ton of blank ones too.

  10. Umm...I'm stealing your brilliant idea and hauling my ass to Target ASAP to get some $1 thank you card packs. Because you had a great point that I hadn't yet thought of: destination wedding = not many people, but the after-destination-wedding party we will be having a month later means I will have to write out about 40,000 thank you cards. So thank you for the reminder and the stellar bargain hunting.

  11. Well I need those thank you cards too. Glad you didn't wipe my store out of them. I feel bad for the brides in your town ;)

  12. Can I get a thank you card just for the sake of it?! Girl, that's some savvy shopping right there. Especially since you know damn well people read them and then toss them. Same thing with invitations. My will come from Target!


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