Monday, November 11

i'm too tired for titles

can i get a show of hands for my fellow i'm-so-exhausted-i-could-just-curl-up-under-my-desk-and-pass-out people?  because basically it feels like i'm some sort of zombie creature just trying to attempt hacking it like a normal person.  

this working out thing that i've committed to (but have barely documented) is literally zapping the life out of me.  i must be doing it wrong because i experience none of these "endorphins" of which people speak.
my life consists mainly of sleeping till the last possible minute, dragging myself to work, dragging myself to the gym, and then going home to sleep-shower and pass out.  and then lather, rinse, repeat.  which i'm not sure i even do while i'm in the shower i'm just that tired.

and basically things are overwhelming.  because when i'm out doing things i hate (see: being at work and at the gym) all i can think about is all the other shit i have to do.  like the laundry.  and the mountain of dishes.  the tumbleweeds of dog hair that just casually roll through the house.  and the battling of the fleas.

so generally i think the feeling that i'm feeling is frazzled.
kind of like this deep fried whole snapper.

someone come big spoon me.
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  1. you and me both. I decide to make a goal of two a day work outs for a week and I was so f-ing tired. I corrected it all by having ice cream twice yesterday

  2. I know exactly how you feel. My workouts these days mostly consist of rock climbing once or twice a week. It's not a lot, but on the days I climb, I find myself thinking about all the things I still have to do. Even if I wasn't working out, there still wouldn't be enough time in the day to get everything done. At least, that's how it feels.

    1. you're exactly right.
      there is literally never.enough.time.

  3. I'd raise my hand but it would take all the energy I've got. Girl I went to bed at 8:30 on Saturday. EIGHT THIRTY! And last night, 9:30. It's pathetic. I'm going to start having dinner at 4pm so I can meet up with my elderly companions.

  4. Sounds just about right! I feel that too daily! It is a juggle. Some friends of mine don't get it, but they never workout where I workout 5-6 times a week. That is why I am so tired and cleaning goes to the back burner. It's rough but its worth it!

  5. you feel energized if you work out in the morning. who the hell wants to go to the gym AFTER work once you've been standing on your feet all day dealing with assholes and daydreaming about your couch and DVR. don't sign me up for cardio

  6. that fish looks terrifying.

    but i feel your pain. all i wanna do is sleep. damn this losing weight nonsense.

  7. I know this is probably the last thing you want want to hear but you should try going to he gym before work instead of after... You'll start seeing those endorphins before you know it

  8. that fish. dear god. I got a little scared! I'm right there with you though girl. I've been hitting the gym hard too...I'm wrecked!

  9. I will big spoon you. With cheese fries.

  10. When i was actually commited to working out, for some reasons the endorphins never hit until like...midnight. So then I could never sleep and I'd just wake up grumpy. Basically, working out is the literal pits.

  11. Your fish gave me nightmares.

    And this is why I don't work out.

  12. That snapper be freaky!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Also, I thought this said "too tired for TITTIES" :)

  13. DIBS ON BIG SPOON. I think that my endorphins consist of not being able to shut the eff up when I get home from the gym and then crashing HARD. Hard enough to spill tall cans and waste beer. Endorphins?

  14. I hate you for posting that picture of the fish.

    We're over.

  15. i once worked out every day...and now the thought of doing it absolutely exhausts me. have you seen that e card that says "my bikini says it's time to hit the gym but my sweatpants says "nah, girl, you're fine!" lol that's why I love Winter. Baggy clothes love me.

  16. Almost every time I read your blog I end up nodding at my computer and mumbling "me too, dude. me too." This is another one of those times.

    Also, that fish is scary. Did you eat that?

  17. i'm also calling bullshit on these workout "endorphins"
    my husband is always like "yeah! i feel great! even if you really don't feel like going you'll feel great after!"
    no. that is a big fat lie. i feel like shit after the gym. i feel sweaty, like beyond girl sweaty and closer to 400lb man sweaty and somehow chubbier than i felt BEFORE i went and extra unattractive because my sweaty top knot is never as cute as all the other ladies there. and i hate the gym and i hate working out and i'm just waiting for that big girl trend to come rolling around again, you know like, when are Renaissance bodies going to be celebrated? because i can get on that diet plan!


  18. At least you go to the gym! Everyday, I think 'you really should go, fatass. None of your clothes fit.' Do I go? Of course not. Do I order the cheeseburger with mayo, the fries, the Coca-Cola? Absolutely.


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