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sponsor post: U by Kotex should be your go-to tampon brand. duh.

can we talk about tampons?
for like a hot minute?

kidding.  for like an entire post.
but really - how do we not talk about this more?  it's not like the red death that visits us ladies monthly doesn't give us plenty of fodder to write about.  and if you're like me you've had actual, terrible monthly experiences at the hands of your monthly visitor.
like sneezes and coughs that led you to being sent home from jobs.  YOU KNOW WHAT I'M TALKING ABOUT.

maybe casually standing in the produce section of the grocery store just minding your own business admiring some red seedless grapes when you happen to feel something dripping onto your feet and it's then that it feels like the world is actually out to get you.

and guess what?  all these things happen to like a lot women.
and maybe if you want you can come talk about it here.  BECAUSE THIS IS A SAFE SPACE.
but really.  i have only ever used the kotex brand.  like always.  and i'm going to say this now and i'm not lying but it is my since i was sixteen years old (when i got my lady friend).

so seriously.  this is a sponsor post.  and my first one - at that.  so i don't want to make it something that totally makes you think that this is sponsor post.
because if there is something that i'm unnaturally passionate about - it's tampons.  because seriously - how can you not be passionate about things that are so vital to womanly existence once a month (unless you prefer pads and in that case we can no longer be friends).  

i was semi-kidding about the pad thing because if that's your thing then that's cool but you for sure should stick with kotex.  because they are, literally, the only company that i have ever used and they are the only company that i will use for the rest of my life.  
as for any real life examples - please know that they work.  because there is literally nothing that i would endorse here that didn't work.  and if there is something that i take seriously it's mother f'ing tampons.  when kotex sent me these i used them immediately.  and had zero problems.  and by zero problems you ladies know exactly what i mean without going into something super, really graphic.

they work.

these babies were the first ones i went to when my monthly friend visited me.
and they will be the only ones i go from here on out.  and can i mention that should you need a sample in order to convince you of its effectiveness then you for sure can.  all you need to do is go HERE and you can get your own sample to help convert you to the U by Kotex side with me.  and the fact of the matter is that if a company will put themselves out there by giving you a sample in order to prove that they're the best company out there for you then i don't how you don't go with them.
i'm going to go ahead and help you here by posting various links that will get you where you need to be.

find kotex on facebook here.
find kotex on twitter here.


also you should for sure try this brand because i'm the only person that made my dog pose with the
U by Kotex tampon.
I wrote this review while participating in a content series through Clever Girls Collective on behalf of U by Kotex, and received products to facilitate my post and compensation for my time to participate.
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  1. I'm more of an Always chick :) their Infinity pads are great. No tampons in my life O_o. Lol :) hope you had fun with your first sponsor post! Have a great one -Iva

  2. OMG. Dog with tampon. I can't.
    I use Kotex too.

    1. it was a real task to make that photo happen. BUT IT DID THANK GOD.

  3. lmfao... love! my dog has also had a tampon in their mouth. but they were used. not as cute.

    1. just threw up in my mouth a little bit.
      but mostly because i've been there and i feel your pain.

  4. I am not kidding U (see what I did there) when I say that I love this brand of tampon. It's just so easy to use and the wrapper isn't loud so when I have to discreetly take it out in public or something it's not like I'm announcing to the world "I AM BLEEDING RIGHT NOW."

    1. you're exactly right.
      and i see what U did there.
      and i just did it too. because we're basically tampon twins.

  5. never used kotex, more of a tampax pearl girl. but might give it a try.

  6. never tried their tampons. i'm a playtex gal, but i've only ever used their pads. always brand sucks compared to them.

    1. ohhhhhh really? i have just always and foreva used kotex. basically i'm a tampon snob.

  7. Haha I love dog with Tampon. If I wasn't in a serious commuted relationship with OBs (don't judge me) I would totally take your word on this! They definitely have the funniest commercials.

    1. NO. you do what i say and use this brand right now MAGGIE!

  8. I fucking loved the dog pose. :) So I've never used this brand....but I will 99% give them a try next month. Know what sucks ass? Always...the brand, I mean. And Always Infinity is the worst thing ever invented; I tried it once and it was like a squishy, gushy diaper. REJECT!!!! So. Yeah. I don't know. I currently use Playtex or Tampax (whichever) but I'm not passionate about either one of them, so....

    1. you most DEFINITELY should try these.
      at least get your free sample on GIRRRRRRRRL.


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