Friday, November 15

in the very near future

once upon a time i blogged on a semi-regular basis.
that time is not right now.  whoops.

so today i'm going to take a moment to tell you about the upcoming things you'll be seeing round these parts.

1// i think the world should be slightly frightened when samm and i get to brainstorming.  it's just that we, as two terrible human beings, really draw out the best (and by best i mean worst) in each other.  just recently we got to talking and then designing and then creating and hopefully by december 1st we'll be able to deliver an early x-mas present to the world.  pray for us.  and our follow-through.

2// i'm writing my first-ish sponsor post.  it's about tampons.  so far i have like two paragraphs written and then it dawned on me that it covers none of the required content.  so basically i'm super talented.  and good at following directions.  but tampons are important.  so be on the look-out for that next week.

3// remember that time i talked about not being a fat ass?  and also about holding myself accountable?  while i didn't fall off the wagon, per se, i'm definitely not like all the way following through.  so that should hopefully change.  if not next week then for the week after.

4// one time i got super drunk and decided i should offer paid sponsorships on my blog.  then i proceeded to forget all about it.  until two people bought those spots.  and then i was super confused.  and then i had to go read my sponsorship options.  and then i had a nervous breakdown.  so thanks helene and nikki for being patient.  it's happening.  i swear.  and in the meantime i extended your time on my sidebar on account of my inherent remedial-ness.

5// my dogs still have fleas.  i wrote about it here.  and as if i wasn't a big enough whack job as it is their constant presence and perseverance in the face of all i have tried to do to murder them (the fleas, not my dogs) is pushing me further and further into a black hole of despair and insanity.  ask whit - she gets it.  but so i called my vet - to like ask her opinion on flea bomb related foggers for the home.  and she recommended against it.  because of the chemicals.  and now she probably thinks i'm a terrible fur-mom because i was all "LOOK LADY CAN I ORDER EXTRA CHEMICALS IN MY FLEA BOMBS BECAUSE I'M DESPERATE AND ON SO THE BRINK OF A FLEA BREAKDOWN THAT I DON'T EVEN CARE ABOUT THE CHEMICALS.  GIVE ME AN EXTRA HELPING OF CHEMICALS.  THEY WON'T DIE (the fleas, not my dogs)."

6// i'm going with shitler to some sort of gun range on sunday.  he needs to do something with his rifle before he embarks on his war on deer.  i'm in the mood to shoot guns so he better hand it over to me when he's done sighting in that gun of his (in my mind that sounds dirty and i like it).

also this picture from our mexican adventure last year.
i added song lyrics.  because i can.  and it's shitler's favorite dave song "pig" so it seemed appropriate.

and also let us #backthatazzup
with whit.

k BYE.

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  1. You have some creepily stubborn fucking fleas up in wisconsin.
    I'm really looking forward to this tampon post. Come at me.

  2. Fleas are the worst but think of them like lice. Wash any and everything that isn't nailed down in really hot water in the washing machine. All bedding, furniture covers, pillows. While doing this do a flea bath on the dogs. Hope you get rid of them soon! I have been through it once or twice and it blows!

  3. Those fleas need to start paying you rent!

  4. i suck at being a good blog sponsor offerer too. Wanna swap? I promise you nothing... but I also expect nothing in return!

  5. How many days left until Dec 1? Consider me intrigued...!

  6. as weird as it may sound, i'm really interested in your tampon post because sure, they're important but i mean, you just put em in your hooha and voila! done and done. i couldn't come up with much more to say about them so i pre-commend you for being able to write an entire post dedicated to them. that's less creepy right? i'm intrigued by your ability to elaborate and not the actual tampons themselves :)
    ok, this has gone on long enough. high fives and stuff

  7. It's not good when your dog has fleas.Unfortunately, it's not better when you have gotten lice from your niece. (circa two years ago.) Be thankful. xx

    dreaming is believing

  8. Best of luck in completing all your tasks and to-do goals! I totally would have a better "schedule" if I wasn't balancing a bunch of other crap. Because at the end of the day I need nap naps. :) Ugh I was a kennel tech and had to "pick" stubborn fleas.. it was really gross.. best of luck with that.. -Iva :)


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