Sunday, October 27

get it right, get it tight: week one

those are the words i shall use to describe my week of semi-starvation (kidding) and working out.
i think had i had just one day where i worked out and then ate a salad instead of boneless buffalo wings i would have chalked that up as a success.  but out of the seven days this week - i worked out for five of them.  and i must say that my meals were actually healthy.  say whaaaaaaaaaaa?
i wish i had some sort of brain for working out and knowing what the best possible thing to do for target areas and weight loss are.  but i don't.  so for week one i mainly did elliptical cardio, some free weight shit, and ab work.  and like i told faith - i feel like that's all better than what i was doing.  which was nothing.

also - that avocado egg cup?  i could eat it all day, every day.
so there you have it.  semi-successful, semi-accountable.

by all means please leave suggestions, websites, workouts, meals, etc.
you name it, i need it.
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  1. Do you drink a decent amount of water? I recently gave up Coke Zero and even though there are no calories in it people have still asked if I've lost weight. I think it makes me look more bloated. Not cute at all.


  2. Definitely drink a lot of water... try for some training schedules. Just search along the lines of "5 day womens work out routine" and it will give you a ton to choose from

  3. you and I need to talk about this asap. I just started working out again. In fact I'm going for a run in about 5 minutes (gross). I'm going to Couch to 5K running workout (which I hate /love) and some other stuff. But I need motivation. so motivate me.

    but really, let's chat.
    also, tell me about this polar thing.

  4. My only suggestion is to drink a lot of water and take soda completely out of your diet. You'll drop an easy 10 lbs just by doing that!

    I need one of those calorie burning clock thingy things. I am proud of you though ;)

  5. That avocado egg cup looks like heaven.

  6. GIRL. EMAIL ME. for real. if you want i can coach you through this thing and on your wedding day, i expect you to mention me in your speech. just kidding. sort of.

    my way is healthy and not fun because weight loss is work which means you have to put in the effort. but i'm not about starvation and all about kicking ass so if you want to kick ass, email me.

    Vodka and Soda

    1. ps - i was kidding about the not fun part. right now working out feels like work because you haven't found fitness jesus yet but you will. :)

  7. 17 Day Diet it freaking awesome! My husband and I both did really well with that. I literally walk 3 miles at lunch, dance 1-2 times per week and Run if I am feeling up for it and I feel great! Powerwalking, water, decent diet is a great start when you haven't been doing much.
    Once you are used to working out, up it to a run or add weight to your cardio. You will feel amazing once you get in a routine. Your body will crave it like it craves food. Crazy!

  8. get whey protein and drink it after every exercise you do. also weight training is good so you're better than most bitches who just walk on the treadmill for 45 minutes and think they're gonna lose 20 pounds in a week

  9. Listen. All diet pills and drugs aside...This super adorably fit broad at the gym was using this app and I begged her to tell me her secrets: Nike Training Club (fo free). It is pretty legit and I'm sure would work amazingly if I would use it more than once.

    We got this, boo.

  10. I have no suggestions or helpful advice but I do have a positive word of encouragement: you're going to rock the effing shit out of exercise. or something.

  11. Get it girl!! When I started working out I used Jamie Eason's Live Fit Trainer workouts on They give you a diet plan and workout schedule to follow for free!!

  12. whoa girl!! look at you kicking ass hard!!!!

    1. ps-the girls have awesome videos on youtube!

  13. I think I need one of these Polar things. I've seen them allover, heard all the shizz but really, maybe I'll get all jacked up on seeing the number of cals lost that it will keep my ass motivated. Your nomz look good. I would but I don't love avocado that much.


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