Friday, October 4

why constant photo boothing would make my entire life better

i dare anyone to try and show me a terrible time has happened whenever there's a photo booth present.
i mean a wedding you're at can be like the most tragic thing that's happening at that moment.
like you can hate the couple, the chicken is dry, you probably think that's a pube in your potatoes au gratin but then you double take because you think that's a man setting up a photo booth and your night is made.

it goes something like this:

 photo tumblr_mimoigdVHZ1ql5yr7o1_400_zps5feb1e25.gif

here's four reasons why the constant presence of a photo booth in my life would make it inexplicably better.
1// for the moments in your life when you need to know immediately how you can try to look sexy with an obnoxious top hat and polka dotted bow tie but it's only awkward and maybe someone is going to channel the remedial look - a photo booth would be great for that.

2// for any moment where large neon green glasses with no lenses and a man in a green wig and sombrero otherwise wouldn't pair well together (much to your chagrin) but a photo booth changes that.

3// for the moments in your life when things are so horribly damaged and you don't think they could get any worse but then you like discover a horse head and things are magically fixed.  but that wouldn't have happened without the presence of a photo booth.

4// for the moments in your life when you need to channel the '03 bonnie and clyde - HOV and B immediately and it needs to look like a mug shot - a photo booth is perfect for that.

whoop there it is.
someone me get a photo booth.  pronto.  because i'm a huge fan - RIGHT SARAH?
and this song.  it's everything.  and i'm obsessed with everything that bastille does.  everything.

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  1. Ur right...I def need more photo booth. Luv it.

  2. you and shitler have clearly mastered the booth. well done.

  3. last time we went to a wedding I got so excited about the photo booth that I forgot Sam and I had already been in it once and demanded that we go again...then he made me go home. Needless to say we WILL be having one of those bad boys at our shindig!

  4. lol- I love reading your posts. The horse head one made me laugh. looks like you had a blast.

  5. I freaking love photo booths. For my friend's wedding they made sure they got a copy of each strip and she called to tell me that I was in over half of them. To which I said 'you're welcome'

  6. Haha love the photo booth pics!! Too cute:)

  7. Those are some amazing pictures. I hope you treasure them forever and pass them onto your grandkids someday.The horse trying to make out with you/eat your face off is the best, obviously.

  8. I totally agree! My friend is having a photo booth at her wedding in the 19th and I think that's what I'm the most excited abou!! Haha

  9. That horse head thing was fucking weird.

    1. RIGHT?!
      but i saw it. and couldn't not utilize its weirdness.

  10. If that last photo doesn't make it onto your walls in like 24x18 inches then I don't even know you anymore.

  11. I'm never eating potatoes au gratin again. Would you believe I don't have any wedding photobooth pictures?!? QUICK someone invite me to a damn wedding

  12. These are my fucking favorite.

    Sorry for swearing, I just felt like it was called for.
    ^^ also, that apology was a lie.


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