Wednesday, October 9

legally getting beat up black out drunk

just thinking about my twenty-first birthday makes me want to dry heave.
i'm not sure how it works in other states but those here in wisconsin we celebrate at the moment the clock strikes midnight.  and naturally there's a shitload of pre-gaming prior to the turn of the clock as well.

so let's get to it.

the day was may 26th - seven years ago (sweet lord am i old) and friends from near and far came to celebrate (really it was just like three people and one was from my hometown and the other two were from college in minnesota so not really that far).

so the pre-gaming.
here they are, off to a good start, with shannon spilling on herself.  
obvious indication that it's probably going to be a good night.

and naturally it's a family affair because shitler's idea of a good twenty-first birthday gift was a six shooter spinny thing that you could put all sorts of different kinds of booze in and of course shannon's dad and uncle lance had to test drive it (god does shannon want to hurl just thinking about it).

now shots and posing for pictures was clearly the thing to do.
and it was at this point in shannon's drinking career that it was clear she hadn't like all the way learned the concept that "it's a marathon, not a sprint."

as the clock struck midnight and the day officially turned to may twenty-seventh shannon and her cronies departed to the super classy establishment called sharkey's.  it was here that it was discovered that shannon was easily the most excited person on the planet to get her ID checked.  like ever in the history of the world.

nothing outrageously out of the ordinary happened.
just good old fashioned getting wasted on your twenty-first mainly.  

and naturally since shannon went out at midnight like she was part of some sort of cast of the jersey shore she naturally had to cram all of her drinking into a short two-and-half-hours which led to things looking like this.

fun fact: all of shannon's skanky friends got to sleep off the hangover while a probably still drunk shannon had to pull herself out of bed after three hours of sleep to work a shift at the cemetary since memorial day weekend is a big time for cemeteries.

even funner fact: note that shitler is in none of the pictures.  it's because shitler was on his way back from illinois and told shannon not to get too drunk so that he could see her but she paid him no mind, got beat up black out drunk and was taken home before she was even able to see him.  good job, shannon.

i feel like i have a residual hang over just re-living that fucking shit show.
my poor liver.
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  1. I could not be prouder of 21 year old Shannon. Well done.. except that working part. That blows!

  2. yea the working part? poor planning. also you did everything justtttt right

  3. I love this!! The perfect 21st! I am so impressed you managed to go to work the next day!

  4. Ugh I cant believe you had to work. On your birthday. I definitly wouldn't have gone that route but more power to ya.

  5. love the arbor mist bottle! ha ha talk about sugar hangover!

  6. Eww the working part, stinks!! The 2.5 hours of power slamming...good job!!


  8. wow. 21 year old Shannon was intense!

  9. It's now even more clear to me that you've been awesome for forever.

  10. also...what's this marathon shit? I hate running.

  11. Wait. You worked at a cemetery?

  12. I couldn't be prouder of you :) Mine was celebrated in much the same way. I also have a stellar photo of myself with cheese face grin while a cop checks my ID with his flash light. Which I basically demanded he do the moment it was 12:01.

  13. I should tell you of the many drunken nights I had... oh fuck you would love me even more. I need to dig up photos...

  14. Oh baby Shanny pants. You're birthday was the most awesomest ever.

  15. I want to party with uncle lance and your dad! dad's and uncles are way better at partying than anyone else

  16. awesomeness. except the working part... my 21st was a monday and i had a project to turn in at my 8:00 class the next morning. didn't quite finish it, but i did get it turned in on time. somehow.

  17. I want to drink with you. That is all.


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