Monday, March 10

i can't even ever really spell pneumonia

if i had a white flag i would be waving it.
because sickness won.  it won big time.

everything was coming up roses.  i joined a new (and better gym) albeit it a more expensive one and i totally went like almost every, single day.  even did a yoga class and didn't fart.  and my whole life (for a hot minute) felt like i was kicking ass and taking names.

and then last sunday i woke up with this weird dry cough that wouldn't quit.  and it's not like it was preventing me from really doing anything important but it was moreso cramping my style because it was annoying.  and then monday it was worse.  and on tuesday everything came crashing down.  because my cough had turned into something that wouldn't stop and often resulted in me gasping for breath and having intermittent panic attacks because it felt like at any moment the cough was going to suffocate me.  on wednesday i caved and went to the doctor and prayed that it would just be something that they could treat.  since i'm convinced there is nothing worse than having to pay out of the ass for a doctor's visit where they tell you it's viral and you should just drink a lot of water and rest (worst $100 ever spent).  so the doctor inspected me.  had me do deep breaths in and out (which sounded like my lung was whistling) and then told me not to freak out but that i had pneumonia in my left lung.  and then i was all "whatever doc - GIMME THE DRUGS.  MAKE ME BETTER."  so the good doctor prescribed a medication that has a high possibility of causing tendinitis and also two inhalers.  one of which, if i don't follow up with rinsing out my mouth properly, could cause me to get an oral yeast infection called "thrush."  but the risk is worth it because this shit is awful, thrush kind of sounds interesting, and for five consistent days i set up camp on the couch because shitler didn't want me in the bed and wouldn't touch me with a ten foot pole.

so anyway that was a super long drawn out way of saying that i was sick and that i didn't do anything but alternate between watching parenthood, sons of anarchy, and vampire diaries for like five straight days which could also be used to describe heaven but like sans the pneumonia.

mac and all of his sixty pounds of pain in my ass camped out on top of me for the majority of the time.
AKA his heaven.

and also the internet is pretty boring when people are out not having pneumonia.
like you skanks were all out doing things and not posting things on various social media outlets so by default my like sucked  because your lives were awesome.

also this picture makes me laugh.

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  1. That is one of my favorite cat pictures ever.


    And get well soon because I'm not visiting you if you're going to be hacking up a lung.

  2. If only we could justify laying around watching multiple episodes of a show without being sick! I hope you start feeling better!

  3. Hope you get to feeling better soon and back to yoga, not farting :D lol you crack me up!

  4. A yeast infection OF THE MOUTH?!? Shannon. SHANNON. My poor child. PLEASE SURVIVE.

  5. that my did, sounds terrible and I hope to all mouth hugs you make it up to shitler for being sick during his birthday week ;)

  6. I feel so bad that you had pneumonia yet only you could make me crack the eff up throughout an entire post about you being sick. I hope you feel better soon!!

  7. Holy shit that sounds miserable. Hope you feel better soooon!

  8. oh no, I hope you feel better soon! It looks like your pup was hoping you got better too!

  9. on the one hand, totally sucks you have pneumonia and on the other hand at least you didn't waste $100 on the DR and he actually diagnosed you and gave you medicine and stuff.

    i was prescribed meds the last time i went to the doc that also had a severe risk of causing tendonitis and really severe sunburn so i wasn't allowed outside - i was all - have you looked at me? i'm paler than casper. i avoid the sun at all costs!!

    anyways, get better soon!


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