Thursday, March 27

snapchat 2.0

i once confessed my undying love for snapchat here.
and mainly it was just examples of all the things that we should be snapping more of.

and since that time i've decided that i left off two super important things that i think we should be snapping more of. 

1// poop snapchats

some shitler pooping snapchats:

discussions about poop snapchats:

and i must give props to all the people that send me the classic snapchat of their feet while they are perched on the porcelain throne.  bravo to you poop snapchatters, bravo.

2// food snapchats

and don't get whiny and complain that food and poop shouldn't be in the same post because HELLO you wouldn't get to the poop without the food part so relax.

and although the artistic snapchat is not something new to add i must give big ups to this snapchat that i received because it is gloriously artistic and i'm obsessed with it.

p.s. i wish i had better things to blog about.  but really my life sucks.  so whatever.

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  1. LOL! I always send you feet photos while I am poopin... I think I will have to do what Shitler does. That's the best way!

  2. MDE... That's all I want to contribute at this time.

  3. Um excuse there is something glorious missing from this post that I worked REALLY hard to snap to you and it might never happen again even though she puts her b-hole in my face every night to let me know that SHE TRUSTS ME SO MUCH.

  4. I am never quick enough to screenshot the snaps but the Shitler at Kohl's is hilarious!


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