Wednesday, April 2

i was drunk(ish)

guys.  i made it.
praise be.

after roughly three months without drinking and dropping close to twenty-five pounds i was completely petrified to drink any alcohol (even though it felt like i salivated at the thought of a cup of vodka).  but when a friend is all "hey for a wedding present can i pay for a limo and drinks?" you gladly accept and mentally give your three-month sober liver a pep talk.  so we did it.  me and my liver.  we made it.

i just so greatly enjoy things of the ridiculous variety.  like mainly pictures.  which i'm sure comes as no shock to you all.  like there's no greater thing than having a picture of myself and shitler looking utterly ridiculous.

and i forgot how aggressive drunk girls are.  and it's certainly something i haven't missed.
like when a pair of skanks called us "DICKS!  YOU'RE A BUNCH OF DICKS!" because my purse was in the limo and i politely said that they couldn't take the limo for a ride around the block.
girl bye.

and i survived mainly because i panicked severely at the bars and managed to guzzle gallons of water.  so much so that i was sober at the end of the night and only ended up with a "i stayed up way past my bedtime last night" hangover.  which, in retrospect, isn't all that terrible.

i only hope every morning-after-a-night-of-drinking ends up looking like this.

he's not nude.  i swear. 
just wearing boxers and sitting in such a compromising position that he looks naked and it gave me such a case of the unstoppable giggles that i had to take pictures.
and then share them with the world.
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  1. Bahaha! Troy would kill me if I shared all of his embarrassing pictures with the world.

  2. That's why I don't hang in bars. Last week was enough for me. These young drunk girls now-a-days are horrible. Some girl in a flowered dress that looked like my grandmother wore when she was a kid laughed at me... at ME! I guess I wasn't hipster enough.

    You look great btw. I wanna lose 25 lbs!

    However, you're still a bunch of dicks.

  4. Your posts always crack me up. I love your writing style and your unique voice.
    If I read one more blog where the girl loves monograms, coffee, and vera bradley I'll puke.
    Congrats on losing the weight too!

  5. twenty-five pounds! yay, you!

    and the pictures at the end... you crack me up, girl.

  6. That was probably me calling you a bunch of dicks...sorry. I'm an aggressive drunk girl.

  7. I always love reading your posts. They make me laugh every time. Never fails.

  8. i feel like those nudey shots need to be included in the wedding in some way...


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