cue anger

this will be quick and short.
because i'm still slightly fuming about it and i should stop dwelling but it's hard to not simmer in my pot of hatred stew because it smells damn delicious and i enjoy being angry.

but i digress.  because i had done the responsible thing on friday and reserved some flicks on a local redbox. so all i would have to do was roll through and pick them up sometime on saturday.  so i did just that.  i picked up some diet food stuffs, checked out at the grocery store, and journeyed to the redbox while chatting with my momma.  two women, unbeknownst to me, had apparently set up camp at the redbox machine and were carrying on about movie watching decisions like it was a goddamn united nations summit.  initially i had no issues (although it's rude as shit to spend an obscene amount of time picking a redbox movie) since i was on the phone with my mom.  i was telling her this story and in retrospect i can semi-understand where perhaps the skank bags in front of me may have attributed my story telling/attitude towards the current redbox sloth-like selection of movies.  so imagine my surprise when of the tortoises masked as a woman finished up, walked away, and threw this statement over her shoulder at me "patience is a virtue, maybe you should learn some."  

and i immediately lost it.  and proceeded to follow her around the corner and politely ask her if she was talking to me.  when she smirked and nodded i succinctly told her to shut her goddamn twatbag mouth.  her mother didn't like that.  my momma laughed and told me to relax.  but really.  don't talk to me about patience.  because this is the girl that hasn't a carb since new year's and i sincerely don't need some rude whore making over the shoulder comments at me because she doesn't have the vagina strength to say it full-forced to my face.

and i understand full well that still being angry about that turtle-paced bitch is unreasonable.
but whatever.
i've been looking at pictures of these dummies all morning instead.

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  1. I totally get stabby every time I'm at redbox!

  2. Stupid twatwaffle. I hate people like that.

  3. Want to borrow my Hello Kitty conceal carry purse for situations like this? They never suspect a gun in that.

  4. At least your reaction is to yell and stand up for yourself. No matter how pissed I am, my ONLY reaction is crying. People suck. She probably went home and ate pasta that went straight to her ass. HA.

  5. And I always thought I was the only person that encountered twatbagwaffles. What a fucking cunt.

  6. People are dumb. Especially peeps that take an obscene amount of time to do simple things when others are waiting. I get rage.

  7. If people can't figure out a fucking redbox they shouldn't be able to use one. Oh, so you need to read the description of a movie noooow? You mean to tell me you haven't heard of this shit before you saw the Redbox machine like the rest of America? No! You don't get to use it. Go back to Blockbuster, bitch!

  8. Ohhh girl those are fighting words, she deserved a throat punch. I hate when they stand there trying to decide when you were smart enough to reserve in advance.

  9. i would have keyed their car with you, then you could have gotten locked up before the big day

  10. When they are here I am sad (see: fat) and when they are gone I am sad (see: hangry)...either way it is ALWAYS the carb's fault.

  11. I avoid Red Box like the plague. I don't blame you for going after them.

  12. My favorite thing to do is reply to someone who throws a comment out of the side of their mouth at me. Oh no no, sorry, you can't do that and walk away. Not from me! Not today! Say it to me or swallow it.

  13. i truly wish everyone wrote posts this honest and angry. I'm sorry there were some hoes at the red box but i'm kind of glad it happened because this post made my day. and i pray that someday i'll be able to tell mean bitches to shut their twatbag mouths. you're my hero.

  14. This has happened to me in a different fashion. I was waiting in line at a Redbox at my local grocery store behind a "lady" who had pulled up a stool to sit on as she made her movie selections, and proceeded to booty clap to the song in her head while trying to decide which Tyler Perry movie was more appealing to her as though any of them were different. I was so irritated that I didn't have the presence of mind to record it on my phone.


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