Thursday, January 30

snapchat completes me

for the longest time i refused to get snapchat.
like on the real refused.  my brain just couldn't reconcile the concept nor did i want to be a part of it.
but then one evening shitler and i got really, really drunk and he convinced me.  and then picked my username.
and the rest, as they say, is history.  

for the longest time i just figured that snapchat was perfect for sending dick pics and snatch shots.  like if brett favre would have just waited a few more years maybe he would have avoided the whole dick pic hot water he found himself in.

but i digress.
if we continue with brett favre we'll end up in a sneaky google spiral that we won't be able to claw our way out of.

the point being is that the other day samm and i were chatting about snapchat.  and she was all "blah, blah, blah something about tits on snapchat."  and then i was all "YES i wish we could get back to snapchat basics and send dick pics and tit shots."  and then i forgot all about all the screenshots of things that i've harvested from snapchat and i am now here to encourage all those that i'm snapchat friends to send me more of the following.

1// artistic snapchats

both courtesy of shitler.  quite the little artist we have on our hands.

2// cleavage shots and/or tit pics
so many tits, so little time to get a screenshot.  

3// gratuitous insults
i just have this gut feeling that we will have the best marriage ever.

4// dick pics
i haven't gotten an actual picture of a real, live dick yet.  but i have a really good feeling about it.  i think i just need to be snapchat friends with brett favre and that would solve my problem.

so there.  the things i like to receive the most via snapchat.
get to work, kids.

also - there will be a blogger edition.  because i've been hoarding screenshots that you have all forgotten you've sent me.  MUAHAHAHA.

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  1. Hahahahahaha YES you're the shit this was awesome

  2. LOL. Snapchat is awesome, I always forget to screenshot in time though :(

  3. i have had a real hard time getting on the snapchat band wagon, but now that you gave me the idea to send boob pics that might just change.

  4. Oh these are awesome.

  5. I can't stop starring at the nipple. I'll get started on finding you that penis snap right now

  6. This just In: You're a slut! ahahahah I laughed way to hard at that then promptly shared it with my dude haha.

  7. this is why i cant do snapchat...just not creative enough! -_-

  8. Dang. I think I need to start upping the ante on my snapchat game!

  9. fucking unreal! more thing to waste my time!

  10. Like why did I even open this blog post at work. Its like opening your snowed in snaps at work. I AM SO FIRED.


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