Wednesday, January 29

this is what lack of focus looks like

i like to google.
i begin with an idea and it slowly spirals out of control until what i end with bears no resemblance to what i set out to discover.

i like to begin most of my searches with comical jesus photos:

HA - jesus in a trendy hat. gets me every time.
but then i get distracted and click on something this because i kind of want one:

but then i remind myself that i already have two idiot pets (and shitler).  and then i start thinking that at least they're entertaining even though sometimes their mental capabilities (or lack thereof) overshadow their actual usefulness.
then i think about all the people that don't have animals.
more specifically - the children.
even more specifically - the orphans.
so i googl orphans.

then i start to think about batman and how incredible he is.  so i google batman - but none of the pictures look remotely interesting.  but i just keep clicking on "next page" and it just keps taking me further and further from batman and orphans.

but then i find these:

and then i feel like i won the lottery.
because then i also click on this:

and then this:

so i suppose this last picture can be linked to the first picture.  in that it relates to religion, death, and creation.
i mean - it IS a head of a bird on a well-dressed man's body.

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  1. hahaha I love you.
    PS... I ALMOST put a few of the spiderman pictures in my post today.
    PPS (haha pp)... we need to blast twatter with these glorious pictures again soon.
    PPPS.... g'day

  2. Haha!! This is where my mind goes on most days!! Google is the best and worst thing ever created.

  3. i'm dying over here. that bird. omg.

  4. Google is a major time suck- thank goodness something keeps me entertained.

  5. hahaha you need to get The Chive app on your phone - endless entertainment if you're into this stuff

    1. i don't know whether to thank you or slap you for this.

  6. You don't even want to know how much time I spend on google/pinterest looking at shit exactly like this. Although I'm kinda disappointed you didn't feature any perverted sloth pics. If you don't know who that is, look it up. Thank me later.

  7. This entire post delighted me.

  8. Fancy bird is a sir. A motherfucking sir.


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