Tuesday, December 16

a post where mainly i whine (sorry)

i came here today and just stared at the cursor till my eyeballs hurt.
because there are totally things i want to write about but the effort to do so seems impossibly unattainable.  and really i'm just tired.  like there's a thousand things going on and really i no longer have the patience to do any of them and then it's like all hell breaks loose.

does everyone's life look something like this:
xmas shopping?  not done.
xmas presents i did buy?  not all wrapped.
shark week?  happening right now (ladies know what i'm talking about).
the house?  construction zone.
the yard?  a mud pit.
current status?  single dog mom.
bank account?  so pathetically sad.

and okay maybe it doesn't look exactly like that but perhaps some of your life is like some of the above?  OR maybe just lie to me because misery loves company.

but really it's kind of crazy how you become so used to being part of a team.
and then your fellow teammate bails on you (not really because yes it's for work) and leaves you in the dust (literal dust) and what you thought was going to be two blissful weeks of watching crap television turns out to be the exact opposite.  and really this entire post is becoming one giant whine-fest.  sorry.

maybe send me cat pictures.
those always make me feel like a million bucks.

also this is my whole life.

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  1. Girl I feel you on this. I just finally bought all my Christmas gift wrapping supplies at the dollar store last night because the struggle. Come over and I’ll feed you wine and tacos and we can ignore all our Christmas chores together.

  2. Well shark week was last week and I don't have a yard but I think my bank account more than makes up for it. Meaning I'm poor. Like really poor. Can someone just get paid already? ANYONE? THANKS.

    But instead of being proactive and shopping and wrapping, I'm going to down a bottle of wine and take a bath tonight. I'm going to prop the laptop up on the toilet and watch criminal minds and it will be spectacular.

    You can join me if you want but you'll have to bring your own tub cause I don't share tubbage.

  3. it's okay, shannon. i've been feeling whiny, too. (http://goo.gl/clngVp).

    but look! pretty beaches! coligny beach at hilton head in south carolina: goo.gl/PudrSg. santa monica/pacific palisades (next to the pier with the ferris wheel): goo.gl/Owx6Qa.

  4. That reminds me of my puppy with the fridge open also while i'm eating, while we;e watching tv, trying to do dishes etc...she has to be all up in it!!

  5. My life looks like yours. I won't lie. I started on wrapping presents but that's overwhelming. And it's shark week here too. Wahhhhhhhhh. I'm being a baby.

  6. My life looks like that. I just gave up on it all... If I didn't buy the present by now you aren't getting one, if it's not wrapped by now then it's not getting wrapped, shark week is next week and I am afraid my house is going to catch fire because our 3-way switch is not working which is making me think there are bare wires somewhere and fearing for my house and belongings. Thanks for letting me whine on your page. I hope your day gets better.

  7. i want to make pictures like those of the cats of hazel. she needs all the things always because girl's a DIVA.

    also, christmas presents are done and wrapped except the biking jersey i got for jason that i'm PRETTY POSITIVE is going to be WAY too small but for some reason it's from china and so... AWKWARD.

    can we just go on vacation already?

  8. Christmas shopping? You mean I can't just steal fortune cookies from work and call it good? Ze fuck.


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