Friday, December 5

the scale: AKA my nemesis

you know what blows the big D?
working out like a maniac for entire month. and eating like half-way better than you normally do and also cuttting back on the drinking by like a lot.  and then getting on a scale and seeing that you only lost two measly fucking pounds.
rude.  so impossibly rude i can't even handle it.

but the only saving grace in that entire debacle was that i remembered to measure myself before i set out on the month-long work out adventure.  and so after i stepped off the scale, and talked myself off of a ledge that included rage-eating an entire loaf of bread and taking a baseball bat to the scale a la office space, i grabbed my tape measure and was like "there better be some motherfucking inches missing or something dies."  and thankfully there were inches missing.  as in three off my waist and two off my hips and thighs.  and so part of me was relieved; that i had something to show after a month of doing things like two-thirds different than i normally do.  but with that being said it's not enough.  so come monday (the eighth) susan and i will be doing two weeks worth of no carb (or at least extremely low carb) in an effort to counteract all the nonsense.  also i think i'm going to force myself to run 150 miles by new years.  and then when i achieve that i'll like eat an entire cake or something.  just kidding.  my reward would include a never-ending build your own taco bar. #amiright

UGH.  it's just so frustrating to work SO much and have little to show for it.
at least scale-wise.
so what do you ladies do?  what are your favorite work outs?  favorite no carb/low carb meals?
help a sister out.

also - can we get a damn huzzah for the mild botox that the blog got?
she's looking trim and tight just in time for the holidays thanks to natalie!
you can check out her blog here and her blog template shop here.

also this snapchat from shitler about sums up his war on deer.

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  1. um i'm just impressed that you do all that effort. i'm just over here eating bagels and pizza and being like, "uh world why am i fat?" and then i look at the pizza box and the realization hits me, and then i'm so sad about it that i eat another piece of pizza.

    1. You and me both. Surely all the loaded tacos I keep shoveling into my piehole aren't to blame for this gut? Dammit.

  2. lmao. Don't tell Shitler but my hubs is winning the war on deer. First shotgun season he got a buck and doe and then yesterday (2nd season) he shot the biggest buck to date. He said he is officially finished deer hunting for the year. OH, but he still has rabbit, duck and geese (yay me).

    Congrats on the inches lost.

  3. OMG, so on the snapchat, I first read it as "No ideer" which made me cackle.

  4. So I am doing low carb - basically following the Atkins plan. The first phase has you at like 18-20 g. of carbs a day. It's a lot easier than it sounds. Look up the recipes for mashed cauliflower. OMG amazing! And I think the best thing about low carb is that you can have actual cream and butter. Two things that make lots of food more amazing.

  5. The botox gets a thumbs up from me.

    Also if you want to get skinnier don't eat anything ever and also start smoking. That's my advice.

    1. that seems like the healthiest option.
      SIGN ME UP!

  6. No gluten, no sugar, no (ok, limited) dairy. It will make you feel like a superhero and shed the pounds accordingly. It's hard though. Pizza.

    Loving the new design and loving the new picture of you two even more!

  7. I like your new layout!
    Dude. The worst part about getting older is metabolism. I used to be able to eat whatever I wanted and I would legit laugh in people's faces when they said that it would catch up to me one day. It's one day. I'm laughing anymore.

  8. Girl! I just saw this shout out. Gracias. And 150 miles? I didn't sign up for that part of this bargain...


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