Tuesday, December 9

no shitler, 'mo problemz: installment one (nothing exciting)

day one of "no shitler, 'mo problemz" is in the books.
'twas nothing terrible.
i watched about seven straight hours of that vampire show "the originals."  and i think netflix asked me three or four times if i was still watching and i know everyone feels my pain about how junky and lazy netflix is able to make you feel but like whatever netflix if you don't knock it off i'm heading to hulu because they don't ask me that as often so bye.  

i thought about maybe finishing up wrapping the  x-mas presents but decided against that because it involved me getting off of the couch.  and also i made myself a hamburger on the george foreman grill and didn't bother to clean it off when i was done (take that shitler).  other than that there are still piles of laundry to be folded and put away.  and a sink full of dishes.  and apparently rain is deciding to be a thing. 
in december. 
in wisconsin.  
which translates to mud.  which means the dogs track mud in the house each and every time they go outside and it's just a never-ending cycle of constantly washing their dog paws off and then washing the floors because there is mud everywhere and it's a fucking nightmare.

but really that was my day.
exciting.  i know.
i will say that the best thing about not having shitler around is not having to endure his constant judgement off my all-encompassing laziness.

and also i swear there will be better posts to come.
i've totally been working on some.  say whaaaaaaaaat?  i know, i know.  it's unheard of around these parts.

also.  i was thinking of watching the victoria's secret fashion show tonight.
like 100% to see t.swizzle but now i'm leaning towards maybe not watching it because i'll just feel like a giant over-weight lumber jack compared to all the darling beauties stomping down the runway.
are you going to watch it?  should we watch it together?

also.  this picture of shitler and mac.  makes me lol.  hard.
like get your paw of his thigh you super creep.

p.s. i took the trash up this morning.  now there's sauerkraut all over the top of my car.  #rude

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  1. I swear our husbands could be twins (even though mine is already a twin so would that be his triplet?). Anyway, my creepy old man said he is watching the show tonight... we will see who wins my date with PiYo or his date with the VS girls. Yes we have more then 1 tv in the house however he is too lazy to climb the steps to our room to watch it and I won't exercise upstairs because it sounds like a herd of elephants down below.

  2. I was thinking about making nachos for couch slobbing during the fashion show tonight. With extra cheese dip on the side. Take that angels.

  3. Pfft. "Doing things" is totally overrated. Grab some wine and make it a VS Fashion Show drinking game!

  4. Maybe we should watch it together (me also because of t.swift) as inspiration? Although, I haven't put my contacts in since Sunday so right now, when I watch tv - it's basically just blurbs and noises. Something's wrong with me.

  5. My other half works away for a week at a time and the whole cooking, not cleaning up straight away thing is a real life struggle. I'm the only one using it so it can just be patient and wait until I want to grill the next thing. Geez!

    1. you're my soul mate.
      procrastination FOR THE WIN.

  6. That's what you get for taking the trash out. Dumb ass.


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