Thursday, October 11

Coffee Talk Installment 5

and i'm back for coffee talk.  i missed it last week because i was busy drinking my face off in mexico.  
but it's that time where i link up with natalie and answer all of her questions.
but i do have a bone to pick her.  since all of her questions are about fucking food, i'm now so starving that i want to gnaw my own arm off.  so thanks, nat.
Natalie Blair

1. pancakes or waffles?
ummm neither.  i'm typically an all-meat, all the time type of person.  like "i'll have the steak and eggs.  but don't bring me the eggs.  bring me bacon instead."

2. what is your go-to meal?
oh man.  hands down - meatloaf.  i'm salivating just thinking about it.  usually it's the traditional type one.  but there's tons out there i want to try and make.  like bacon cheeseburger.  or french onion soup.  mother of god.  now i want meatloaf.  and then a meatloaf sandwich.
3. what is your must have snack while watching a movie/tv show?
uhhh, will you think it's weird when i tell you that i enjoy demolishing a jar of pickles all by myself.  like just plop myself down on the couch and start shoveling them in my face type deal.  like shitler gets mad at me because we can't ever keep pickles in the house for more than a day because i dominate them.

4. what is your guilt food (the kind where you are sad and lonely)?
i'm practically obsessed with being by myself.  so i don't ever eat out guilt because of that.  but, there's always food that i eat and then immediately regret it because i can literally feel my ass getting bigger.  like pizza or carbs.  fucking carbs.  we have a love/hate relationship.

5. what kind of food do you eat that is so disgusting to others and you are embarrassed to tell?
ok, i enjoy liver sausage.  shitler is obsessed with it.  and i'll admit that it's delicious.  on toast with tomatoes and pepper.  


  1. OMG... can I seriously fucking keep you? Just pack your shit and move here. You can sleep in my room... and Shitler can have the floor with Bill and them dawgs you bring ;)

  2. Liver sausage... gag. Other than that, it all sounds good.

  3. Steak and eggs ain't bad at all! However I like "MUH MEAT CHARRRRRARD" haha


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