Saturday, October 27

it's like i went trick or treating but didn't even have to leave my couch

in celebration of all things halloween i signed up with natalie at ohemgee for a swap.  
i was feeling exceptionally lazy this year and had no desire to dress up or create any costume.  not that i've really ever done much for any of my other costumes.

case in point these photos below:

but i digress.  
because this swap was less work than creating a damn costume and binge drinking.

i was paired up with andie from andie's traveling pants (who i ADORE) and she sent me the coolest shit ever.

WHAT - are you even serious?!

a lady after my own heart.
i'm going to eat so many brains this weekend.

i think tonight calls for lighting my ghost candles, cramming brain cupcakes down my throat, washing it down with vodka in my flask and some pez chasers, and decorating shitler in stickers.

it's gonna be a great night.
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  1. muuuaaaahahah!!! I think the best part will be decorating shitler in stickers!!!

    Who says you can't do a Dick in a Box repeat?!?!

    Happy Halloween!!

  2. Awwwwwww!! This is some awesome stuff! AND it matches you perfectly!!!

  3. Your costume is great!!! (Brilliant, actually).


  4. You got some good stuff!! Love your blog-found you via the link up


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