Wednesday, October 31

Textual Feeling: Fish Are Not Stupid

so i should probably stop drinking bottles of wine on tuesday nights pretending like it's the weekend and therefore okay.  because how i feel right now is completely not okay.

but this email exchange between me and shitler the other day made me laugh.  

shitler: i stopped home for a little bit before my meeting.  i took out your stupid fish and it's on the counter in a thing of water.
me: they aren't stupid.  don't talk about them like that.
shitler: it's really amazing how stupid they actually are.
me: it's amazing how stupid your face is, actually.
shitler: i hate you.
me: i hope you bowl like shit tonight.
shitler: really?  you wanna go there?  i hope you won't smell like shit tonight, but i know you will because you do every night.
me: blow me.

i swear we love each other.

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