Friday, October 12

High Five 4 Friday

i'm finally getting back into the swing of things since mexico.

but it's friday.  so let's high five the shit out of it with lauren at from my grey desk.

1. these fools just loving on each other.

2. there's just honestly never a dull moment when shitler is around.

3. theleague.theleague.theleague.theleague.theleague.theleague.theleague.theleague.
    it started last night.  can you tell i'm excited?

4. shitler's brother became a pops this week!  the little nugget was born on 10.11.12
    little emilia braelyn.

5. reunited and it feels so good.

so if you want - you can go link up with lauren.  do it.



  1. pleeeeeeeeeease tell me you watched the league last night?!?! Chalupa Batman McArthur! Bahaha

  2. Ok, I've heard about the league but I've never found it on TV! When does it come on?! the pic of your dogs snuggling!! Too cute!! Happy Friday!!

  3. Awwwwwwwwww that baby is adorable!!! I wanna hold her!!!!!!!!!

    And the walking dead comes on this sunday! BOOYA!!!


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