Thursday, October 18

Coffee Talk Installment 6

and boom goes the dynamite.  
it's thursday.  
so it's time for coffee talk with natalie.

Natalie Blair

1. let's talk about ink: do you have tattoos?  how many?
yes.  four.  half were impulsive "i'm-18-watch-me-do-whatever-i-want-but-within-reason" tattoos and the other half were a bit more thought out.  all are small.  all can be hidden if i so choose.
2. let's talk about hairstyles: bangs, do you have them, want them, or trying to grow them out?  what about side bangs?
good god.  bangs!  i wish i could pull them off.  but my grandpa used to call me bowling ball head due to my rather and round head so i've never had the balls to actually do it.  recently my friend and i got pretty drunk and i let her cut my hair at 2AM.  we thought about giving me bangs and i was fucking jacked to do it but then my friend chimed in as the voice of reason and suggested that we do so when i was maybe not so drunk.  so i'm still bang-less.
3. let's talk about work: without getting specific with a company name, what do you do?  what did you want to be when you grew up when you were young?
i work in customer service for a brush company.  it's never something that i thought i would end up doing but it gets me by and there's never a dull moment.  as for what did i want to be when i was little?  i don't really remember.  but i did graduate with a bachelors in religion (shocking, i know) and would have loved to become a professor.  but student loans have officially made me their bitch.
4. let's talk about friends: do you find it easier or more difficult to meet new friends as an adult?  do you have you'd consider 'blog friends?' what about IRL (in real life) friends?
generally i prefer to be by myself with a DVR full of shows so most of  my friends are friends are on the television screen or online.  honestly, i know there's every explanation out there about girls and their ways but i don't buy it.  and i think i don't buy it because i just don't care.  if you feel like talking about me behind my back - go for it.  if you feel like blowing me off - that's fine, i probably wanted to stay home anyway.  BUT, the girls i do hang out with are fucking classic.  never a dull moment we're usually drunk.  so i can't complain.  as for online friends - those sluts are crazy delicious.

5. let's talk about social media: android or iPhone?  twitter or facebook?
i prefer my iPhone.  i've named her lola and we've been together through thick and thin.  i definitely prefer twitter to facebook.  facebook has become a conglomerate of let's-bitch-about-everything-under-the-sun-even-though-my-life-isn't-really-that-bad-and-i-haven't-realized-that-nobody-really-cares-about-my-bullshit.

but there's these guys.  and they crack my shit up.

so you should also follow them: @TheFauxMilaniaG and @N0tAaronRodgers

so there's that.
i'm out.


  1. I'm pretty sure I've said this before but I like the way you think, Shannon - especially in reference to chicks, friends, gossip, etc. I share the same philosophy -who has time to get involved in the drama - we're either friends or not no biggie either way but the people I do call my friends are the absolute best.

    Religion? I would have never guessed! I'm not being sarcastic- I think that's pretty bad-ass!

  2. wow I could never work in customer services .... I don't think I have the patience for it

  3. loved your answer to #4. funny!

    great blog you have!

  4. I fucking love you whore face. You are the best. Like.. Ever!!

  5. haha! this whole post was classic. #4 sounds like me, too! eric northman is my boyfriend.
    love the blog, following you on bloglovin now. ☺

  6. Now I must find those blessed souls on Twitter


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