Wednesday, July 2

biggest little music festival

you know how you know you're old?
when you can reminisce (<---spelled that right on the first try!) about all the very basic things you did like five years ago and shudder when you think about them.  like the out passed bar close nights, the road soda'ing, the hangovers, etc.  you get the picture.  and i feel like the older i get the get the less inclined i am to go to places and do things.
case in point: milwaukee.  i'm always so incredibly turned off because parking is hard, places are busy, and also the thirty minute drive down there seems like an eternity.

but for two weeks every year milwaukee is home to the world's largest music festival.  and it's probably one of the few music festivals that houses literally every genre of music for two weeks.  you can go to the same place and see zach brown band, lady gaga, usher, walk off the earth, ludacris, outkast, third eye blind, melissa ethridge, and phantogram (to name a few).
and from noon till midnight every single day there's music and it's pretty magical.

but as magical as it sounds it's also home to things that make my brain explode.  like crowds and long drives and having to find parking.  and when i was a wee lass (like high school age) it was only the coolest thing to do to get drunk on the buses running to and from park and rides down to summerfest and then wander around without any true fear of getting busted by the fuzz because like almost everyone at summerfest was indulging in something mind altering.
but now that i'm not in high school and so, so susceptible to terrifying 72 hour hangovers it feels like i'm allergic to going to summerfest.

but you know what will make you go to summerfest?  dave matthews band not doing a two night show at alpine valley and instead headlining at summerfest with two sets in one night.
that's what.  so that's when i put on my big girl under-roos and brave crowds and underage drunk teenagers and also parking nightmares and enjoy my musical love.

p.s. i hope they play "satellite" - my least favorite song so i can have a bathroom break.
p.p.s let me know if you guys want to come next year and it would probably motivate me to go more nights since you guys would be there.  check out this year's lineup here.

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  1. I'm missing Dave this year and I'm SO FRICKIN PISSED. He'll be here in two weeks and my ass won't be there. So enjoy it for me tonight, too. Also, punch that one guy in the face who always inevitably screams, "TRIPPIN BILLIEEEEESSSSS!" over and over again from the grass seats like Dave can hear him or something. Punch him hard. Dick ruined my last DMB concert.

  2. Goodness gracious I couldn't agree with this anymore! Crowds, drunken teens and hangovers. Amen. And by amen, I mean no thank you.

    Fun fact: Dave Matthews' house overlooks my wedding venue. So if you want to crash it, you can probably stalk him at the same time. Two birds. One stone.

  3. Crowds. Please don't get me started. #cropdust

  4. I'm a Wisconsin girl too, and Summerfest is always on our to-do list. However, I'm a big fat chicken shit who can't deal with the crowds, the drunk teenagers, and the sloppy drunks period, so we have a rule we leave by 6 pm. In the last few years we've only gone to 1 night concert and I still don't know how I handled it sober!


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