Thursday, July 31

bye july

so once upon a time (like in the beginning of this month) i accidentally got so ghost faced wasted that it crippled me with a 72 hour hangover.  during the hours of me getting to the point of beat up drunk i was hanging out with a couple of friends.  one who had a baby.  and in my drunk state i was all "hey self - you should get your camera and take pictures of the adorable baby."  so i did.  and then promptly forgot all about them until this week.  and then when i went to look at them i was like "oh ya the 4th of july happened.  and also that weekend on the chain 'o lakes."  and then i spent a good amount of time making copies of the pictures of the baby for his dad and weeping over how impossibly adorable his son is.

so i thought i would do a minor recap of all the things i did in july.  
which, looking back, was a lot.
considering how impossibly lazy i am.

so - things i did included, but aren't limited to, the following crap:

took pictures of baby j and experienced my uterus exploding over all of the adorable and also discovering how cute i find baby drool to be.  wtf.

we saw dave matthews band at summerfest.  which was everything except it was at summerfest and not alpine valley which just wasn't the same.  but dave was as magical as ever.

and then there was the fourth of july where we drank our faces off, ate the most horribly delicious foods, and watched dazzling lake fireworks.

and then we went to waupaca.  and cruised the chain 'o lakes and listened to live bands playing on pontoon boats, and drank beverages, and had much merriment.  and also there were shitler photo shoots because i swear someone whips out a camera and it's the shitler show.

and also shitler bought kan-jam and we went to a graduation party and baby E was adorable as per usual.

july was exhausting.  and i still managed to read sixteen smutty novels.  heyoooo.

also some things i didn't do.

1. run those 100 miles
2. lose ten pounds
3. lay off the wine


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  1. At least you managed to fit in all of the important things.

    I'm going to steal that adorable, female, baby Shitler.

  2. I need some of them there noodles for my honeymoon this weekending. Stat. Thanks for the reminder.

  3. baby drool is the only acceptable form of drool

  4. Music on a pontoon boat?? Now that's my kind of party. We seriously need to be friends.

  5. i don't even like babies (kind of.) but i do LOVE puppies and WHOLE-EEEEEE SHIT! that puppy baby combo at the bottom... killing me. dead.


  6. who's that man in the purple tank top and white sunglasses? dead sexy!!!

  7. 16 novels? sexay...hope you are teaching Shitler a thing or two in the bedroom...or cooking room...or funky room!


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