Friday, July 18

quickly before i go

can we talk about how half days should be an all the time thing?
and that even when you do have a half day you still watch the clock and swear that the minutes tick by at a snail's pace?  but either way i get to leave work at noon today and head north to the chain 'o lakes and drink my face off and swim and read smut and be such a giant piece of shit that i don't even care.

but first let's recap just a few things.
please read my posts from the past about the chain here and here.
then also read my post about my snooch here.

and then also i wanted to share my most favorite favorite favorite picture from the time that i got married.
and also this picture should be used as like "THIS IS PEOPLE RUNNING FOR THE WEEKEND."
i don't think that makes sense but if it does then we're on the same wave length which is terrifying.

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  1. shitler looks positively majestic in this photo.

  2. I can't help but associate Shitler to a Leprechaun in this picture.

  3. That pic is amazing! woot woot for Friday!


  5. That picture is the best picture of all time. Congratulations on winning life.

  6. Your face is like "dear God Shitler I don't know where you're taking me, but it sounds fun. Will there be alcohol?"

  7. I can't even explain the amazingness of that photo! Happy weekend.

  8. i don't even know what's going on in this post but i almost peed so i'd say it's a bunch of good shit. and i'm glad this is one of the first posts i've read since i ended my hiatus from blogging.
    f. catching up is going to take forever but i'm excited.



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