Tuesday, July 16

about blaming it on the a-a-a-a-a-a-alcohol

i'm overwhelmed by the happenings of the weekend.
mainly because of snapchat and my inability to use it because i'm an idiot.
half-kidding.  the alcohol intake was overwhelming too and it's slightly vomit-inducing looking at some of the pictures from the weekend because it takes me back to that drunken place that i enjoyed in the moment but 110% did not enjoy the next day.  or three days later.  you get it.
i fear i'll lose you with the amount of pictures i'm about to inundate you with but whatever.
deal with it.
friday i bailed on work at noon and went to try on swim suits because my friend john mayer (and not it's not the actual john mayer but you people keep saying that's who he looks like) has my favorite one and hasn't yet returned it because apparently his mom's house is a black hole that eats swim suits.  and in case you're wondering - hell is kohls at noon when your fat ass is trying on swim suits and you can't help but want to cancel an entire weekend boating trip because hi-you're-a giant-whale-hippo-hybrid-thing and you don't want to face the actual outside world in a swim suit.  so naturally the only thing that's left to do is drown your sorrows in booze for the two hour trek to waupaca and the chain 'o lakes.

things got infinitely better upon arrival because it was time to get on a giant boat and drink copious amounts of beer and generally stop caring about anything.  which, coincidentally, i'm pretty good at.

and then naturally, since i was now intoxicated, it was time to basically start being a camera whore.
and kudos to whoever on twitter (JESSA) so kindly pointed out that they could tell i was drunk based on the barrage of ginstagram photos that came roaring across the internet on friday night because it made me drunk giggle.  a lot.

saturday marked the downward spiral that would be the rest of the weekend.  as in - i set out with the best of intentions of not getting completely hammered but that didn't happen.  somewhere between drinking, swimming, boating, and not applying enough sun screen i got sun burnt to the point of immense pain.  which, you know, is always a treat.  but in the meantime here are the nice pictures i managed to snag.

p.s. sorry about the double duck pictures.  i'm like a kid in a candy store when it comes to ducks.
p.p.s. when intoxicated i tend to have the incredible need to make terrible faces in pictures.
p.p.p.s. also when intoxicated i inherited the need to channel my friend and drunk hang.

sunday was ridiculous.  shitler and i had the wherewithal to take off on monday so we managed to sit in a boat that was attached to a pier that was part of a bar and just drank and listened to fantastical live music the rest of the day.  it was the shitler shit show basically.

in case you were wondering about the above dance party it was just shitler breaking it the shit down to sweet caroline.  like a professional.
and this picture might be my favorite picture of shitler ever considering that face he's making while peeing.
no pictures were taken on monday because i was barely alive.  barely alive and burned to a very burnt crisp.

i blame everyone else.  someone should have been more diligent about putting sun block on me (side eye - SHITLER) and maybe someone should have not over-served themselves (side eye - ME).  regardless.
there are other pictures/videos on ginstagram should you want to pretend to care.
in case you don't care i certainly don't blame you.

in case her link up is still live i'm going to go hang out with sami.  but since i'm incredible late on my assignment i wouldn't be surprised if that shit is over and done with.  SEACREST OUT.
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  1. Even the second time around this shit is great. But it also makes me jealous again...

  2. You're taking me next time, and that's that.
    And if Shitler doesn't break that shit down to Sweet Caroline again, I'll be extremely disappointed.

    And also, the hanging, I just can't with the love.

  3. Um. Next time please let me join you. And let's snapchat.

  4. Killer weekend - literally. I my vicarious life via your blog. Keep it up.

    Also, I love ducks too. Quack

  5. I fucking love all of these. Obviously I love them the first time around on instagram, but something about seeing them all together - it's just magic.

    Ducks eat for free at Subway.

  6. I pointed out your drunken instagram posting dance. Because I love it. And I wouldn't have had anything to do Friday night, had you not done that. Thank you for the entertainment.

  7. BAHAHA!! I wish I had as much fun as you do!! And I go through that whole swimsuit thing every single time I put one on!! I refuse to buy more because I look like shit in all of them. Oh....and...isn't that what you're supposed to look like when you pee??? Maybe not??

  8. i really want to go on a boat with you and shitler. I also made hte wise decision to eat three chicken strips pre bathing suit shopping the other day...talk about feeling like a hippo.

  9. Seriously, sometimes you just gotta bail on work. Don't worry about a reason, you just need to do it sometimes... I sure as hell do!


  10. Love that little show with Shitler... precious!

  11. Looks like the perfect weekend!! Hope you're finally recovered!

  12. JESUS CHRIST. <- Drunk comment I left on the ginstagram. And basically how I feel about not knowing anyone cool with a boat.

  13. WHATS YOUR SNAPCHAT NAME?!??!?????!?




  14. Awesome pics. I believe your weekend was significantly better than mine, as I was working through the whole thing. Glad you had fun.

  15. NO. NO. NO. I thought we don't do snapchat?!?!?!? Remember? It was like a promise. GAH. THE SHAME.

  16. Where ever you were on Sunday it looks like a blast!


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