Monday, July 8

the 4th is still with me. i blame the booze.

sometimes you make the very correct choice in taking a day of vacation after a long holiday weekend.
that correct decision is today.
i went into the holiday weekend dead set on not drinking.  i was going to be like 100% healthy and go to the gym and just refrain from general imbibing.  but then all the bottles of moscato broke my resolve and all bets were off and i didn't go to bed till 4AM and i'm still hating my life.  see also: it's monday morning and all those poor choices were made on thursday.
this is the face of someone that is officially old and should probably at some point grow up.
and honestly - this is just that one day.  that's all i have the wherewithal to recap with sami.

but anyway here are some delightful pictures from independence day (sadly no aliens).

and yes - that is murphy lee straight terrified in the bath tub on account of the fireworks.
and yes - those are the fireworks.  just straight across from the house.  
and yes that close.  and yes it's no big deal.

stay tuned for a series of photos i have entitled baby with red solo cup. 
it's my finest work.
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  1. I'm sad there were no aliens. However, these are lovely photos. Also, um cheese fries.

  2. That baby drinking out of a red solo cup? Starting her off early I see. I like your style.

  3. Love the picture with the solo cup. A-freaking-dorable

  4. um this looks amazing. no no, beyond amazing. I'm so bummed that I missed the 4th!

  5. I have been known to nap in a tub or two when I have a few too many. that murphy lee is a wise man.

  6. Your beer bong was alot more classy than mine out of a pool noodle!! :)

  7. you had a more eventful weekend than I did!!!!! Wish I could have taken today off..blegh

  8. It really doesn't get more american than this. Which is unfortunate there were no child laborers involved...

  9. i love that picture of the river or whatever at sunset with the boats and the trees. so pretty. and a perfect way to celebrate the day.

  10. you are my favorite. now that your lake isn't frozen I think I should come visit. And, like, make use of that funnel (umm hi, I haven't used a funnel since uhhh SB 07?!)

  11. that is how america should be celebrated.

  12. Please don't grow up, that would make me sad. These pictures are pretty epic. You sure do know how to celebrate amuurica.
    ps. you should stop posting pics of that baby online, someone (maybe me) might steal her.

  13. Wow! I wish I could have had my own personal fireworks show like that :) Glad you survived the weekend- jealous you had an extra day off.


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