Monday, July 29

another winneconne day is done

i feel weird today.  it could be because it's currently sunday and i'm semi-sober and writing this post.
ya - that's probably it.
besides being achy on account of the fact that i continue to behave like a some sort of twenty-one year old frat boy on the weekend my allergies have decided to rear their ugly head and punish me further.  so let's see how this post goes.
i think my favorite thing about wisconsin is that everyone thinks it's like the goddamn arctic circle year round. like just because we have frigid winters means it's like this frozen fucking tundra all the goddamn time.
except it's not - because we have these things called seasons and the summers are typically hotter than ballz.
as in stepping outside for a hot minute (pun intended) makes living almost impossible because you think the humidity is actually going to choke you.  so naturally planning a boating excursion for a  in july shouldn't be a problem.  except it's not even a shock that on a july day in wisconsin it would be fifty degrees out and goddamn freezing.  but we wisconsin folk are not quitters.  so we boated in the cold like the adults we are and drank all the things.

that's all i got.  more crap happened later and some of it's on ginstagram so check it out if you want.
and today is the day the entire blog world talks about their shenanigans so naturally i'm at sami's place.

p.s. remember that gypsy village in the movie snatch where brad pitt hung out?  i was in the wisconsin version of it on saturday.  i'm sad to report that brad wasn't there.
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  1. My allergies have been ridiculous for the last week. I'm ready for them to take a hike.

  2. :) this looks so fun! Shots, the devils work xx

  3. Hell yes I know exactly how it is! (I live in Northern MI just on the other side of the lake) and we have all these road signs on the interstate that say "caution: road made me icy" and shit and I get behind someone going 40mph and I'm thinking "Goddammit! It means in the winter, you fucktards! Not in the middle of summer!" (Although I suppose it's possible in our climates...) But yeah. Basically Michigan & Wisconsin are just schizophrenic on weather.

  4. Almost puked at my desk at the sight of those shots. The 25-year-old hangover is not so nice as the 21-year-old frat boy hangover

  5. I can't believe I'm going to say this, but your weekend posts always make me want to visit WI. Just looks so pretty.

  6. People ask the same thing about Michigan. "Isn't it cold like...all the time?" No, dipshit.

  7. People ask if it snows year round or if I live on a mountain. Why are people idiots?

  8. Indiana was QUITE the same this weekend. But I would be damned if my boating would be ruined but 60 degree weather. Also, those shoes and those shots are adorable.

  9. Listen up you Wisconsiners. My WI cousin would wear shorts and tanks and shame the shit out of us in the winter when she visited San Diego. SHE SLEPT OUTSIDE ONE NIGHT. WHY?!?

  10. Ummm holy gorgeous pictures, miss thang.

  11. "ginstagram"? stop it. too good. also, I'm still pretty convinced that anything north of oklahoma is the damn tundra, and this post certainly didn't help. IT WAS LITERALLY TWICE AS COLD HERE YESTERDAY.

  12. I LOVE THE PICTURES!!! What kind of camera do you use? I saw you on the link up :)


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