Monday, June 9

pork mutts

weekends are apparently for doing things and being busy and i hate it.
i think i'm hard-wired for laziness and couch laying and being left alone.  but i get the exact damn opposite of that every weekend.  because there is a restaurant to wait tables at, graduation parties to go to, dogs that require your attention, and a giant post-wedding party to prepare food for.  also people want to hang out with me and i don't get it because i'm lame and not interesting and sometimes i wish all the people would just leave me alone with the mindy project.  BUT NO.

but all things aside shitler and i bought seventy-five pounds of pork butt (ha) on sunday and now have to cook it throughout the week up until our shindig on saturday.  and i feel kind of like a terrible dog mom because i'm basically leaving both of the mutts at home with two crock pots full of slow-cooking pork and that has to be slightly tortuous for them.  but at least they got to do this yesterday:

i just realized that this entire post was mainly pictures of my dogs swimming and me talking about pork butt.
things are weird.  and also this post is nothing short of pointless.  

p.s. happy monday from mac.

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  1. July have another graduation party to go to. FYI. Tell them now at the freaking restaurant--your back up hubs would be crushed if you didn't come.

  2. MAC!!!! Seriously, I love this dog. Mac and I will have no problem being remedial spawns of satan together. I also see nothing wrong with an entire post dedicated to watching him and his dog-roommate swim. And you mentioned pork. Start the parade.

  3. I am so envious that you live on the lake!!! My dream is to basically bbq and swim with my kids and dogs!!!!

  4. I just want there to be like an All-Mac-All the Time TV station or something.

  5. I would like to float around in a lake every weekend, but I'll skip the pork butt.

  6. I'm assuming my invitation to your party got lost in the mail.

  7. you make me wish i lived on a lake.

  8. I love your dogs. Also, when can Walter and I come to this lake with you and your dogs?

  9. Posts that are mainly pictures of dogs are my favorite kind of posts. GIVE ME ALL THE DOG PICS!

  10. Your pup kids are too cute. That lake looks beautiful.... p.s. my ass loves it a couch weekend, who am I kidding it loves it 365. I hate when I have shit to do on weekends. Leave me alone. Probably why I don't have many friends.


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