Friday, June 13

attention party people

if you're familiar with this blog then you probably know that in preparation for my wedding in may i promptly stopped drinking and eating for a majority of four months leading up to the wedding.  and then even when i was in mexico i worked out in the mornings before the actual day.  mostly because i didn't want to bloat to an unheard of level and not be able to fit into my dress and then look like semi-dolled up trash in my wedding pictures for all of eternity.  but then after the wedding i was like "fuck everything GIMME ALL THE CARBS" and i ditched the gym because whatever i have nothing to aspire to anymore (sucks to be you shitler).  so i went on a gym and healthy eating sabbatical for like a month and a half following the wedding and then yesterday morning, for some odd reason, got on the scale and then immediately packed my gym bag.  because, while it wasn't like a horrible number, it was definitely one that i didn't really ever want to see again.  so that's where i'm at.  back to attempting to eat and drink in a more respectable fashion.  except for last night.  because i totally went to the gym but then came home and ate some woven squares (basically budget triscuits), and then cheesecake at my grandparent's house, and then also some taco bell.  so out of the gate i majorly failed but it's like kind of ok because i did go to the gym.  but i also forgot that i ate some apple cinnamon panera muffin that might have actually come directly from heaven.  i can't be sure.

but anyway.  the point is that i'm going back to the gym tonight.  and hopefully tomorrow morning.  because we're having a celebration of sorts for all the party people that couldn't make it to mexico.  and between the black out punch i'm making for said party this weekend and also all the food i'm going to be eating i'm almost certain that things are going to get out of control.  like out of control scale wise.  so i should definitely at least try to go on a preemptive gym strike.

so also you guys are all invited. 
like if you want to book a quick ticket to wisconsin or like leave your job right now and start the road trip you would most certainly be welcome.  we can get some tents for you to sleep in.
there's also a couple of boats that you could probably pass out in.  and whoever dibs sleeping in bed with me first can totally do so but you have to big spoon me.  that's non-negotiable.

so if you like pulled pork sandwiches, black out punch, and live music then you should come to my party.  just RSVP first please.

also.  if i had to describe exactly how i'm feeling right now in one picture it would be this:

also, also i'm sorry this post was all over the place but i just wanted to say that i'm excited for this party but i'm not excited by the number i saw on the scale and as a result i'm certainly not excited for the gym time in my near future.

p.s. if you're coming to my party and was in the market to get me a gift i need you to get me darth vader cat. nothing would make me happier.  #MayTheFourthBeWithYou
p.p.s. i'll link up with whit because obviously.
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  1. Big spoon reporting for duty. See you soon.

  2. Why must you live so far away?!

  3. I've obviously down to party.

  4. For the love... what is black out punch and how do I not know about it?

  5. OMG! I love the cat. I would so come to your party if it wasn't for real life getting in the way and if I go to Wisconsin that would mean I would have to travel just a little further to Minnesota to visit my brother and I just don't have time for that... but do share this black out punch. What is in it?

  6. I'm always the big spoon so this is nothing new


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