Tuesday, June 3

i call it my seaweed bush

so sometimes you have the very best intentions to write a post like the night before you plan to publish said post.  but then somewhere along the way you end up doing everything else that isn't writing a post.  like putting pictures in a photo album, taking a muscle relaxer, watching seven episodes of the show "white collar," drinking a bottle and a half of wine, and making music videos with your dog.  and then you pass out having never done the thing that you had intended to go.  

and that's exactly how i know i'm going to hell.
because my road there has been re-paved with the ridiculous amount of all my good intentions.

so anyway.  instead of the post i had intended to reveal to the world - you get this.
because there are two things that i've done in all my years that i'm infinitely proud of.  
one being the 90s jamz playlist i made on spotify and the other being this picture i took on my mexican vacation.

goodness gracious do i both impress and crack myself up.
shitler was none too impressed and just called me a freak.  and then i excitedly took a picture of the picture while it was on my camera and sent it to people.  and said people were nice enough to make me feel validated about the picture (whether they were serious or not is neither here nor there).  but really you guys.  that picture is incredible and i love it and i can't wait to frame it.  let me know if you want a poster sized coffee for your living room because i will totally make copies for everyone.

anyway.  that's it.
but here's my 90s jamz playlist.  AKA the best thing i have ever done.
besides my seaweed bush picture above.

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  1. It's so easy to just marathon White Collar though!! It's do damn good!! And a bottle and a half of wine sounds like a much more enjoyable way to spend your evening anyway...

  2. wow. you did way more on your muscle relaxer than i do mine :) three minutes in and i'm usually passed out on the couch, with my phone on my face.

  3. Your bush is rather ginger-y.... and you have a patch around your leg that you keep skipping.

    Get it together Shannon.

    Fiona Apple is my wife.

  4. LMAO - Girl you are too much. I was reading this on my lunch hour at my desk, I should know better. My boss walks in and the picture is on my very large screen (almost like a zoom in pic, it blows everything up that big) and I couldn't get the picture off my screen fast enough... just when the computer decided to run at a snails pace. Thanks for the laugh.

  5. These accomplishments are far better than those of most of the population, so seaweed bush FOR THE WIN.

  6. Now I’m feeling inspired to take pictures of my bush. Wait, what?

    1. we can call it "bushes across our nation: hope for a better bush future."

  7. Oh my god I just can't. And the reason I can't is I HATE seafood so much but I strangely LOVE seaweed salad...so this puts a whole new meaning to that phrase...

  8. That's pretty awesome. Your posts are always entertaining.

  9. Thank you for the new spotify playlist! And yes, I would love a copy of your bush to hang in my living room. Hahaha!!!

  10. Maybe THAT'S the one that should cover the picture book, no?

  11. My night will now involve wine + this playlist + creative photography. So thanks for that.


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