Friday, September 12

friday things

oh hai.
it is i.  shannon.
and i have returned.  with nothing exceptionally interesting to tell you.
so prepare to be under-whelmed by the five things on this friday that i've decided to tell you.

1// i returned from chicago on wednesday and parked myself on the couch, in front of the television, and basically OD'd on big love.  no one told me that trade shows were exhausting.  but apparently being on your feet for nine straight hours and then having to deal with outrageous chicago traffic to and from your hotel, and then not eating dinner till 9PM, and then not being back to sleep until 11PM will leave you in a constant state of being some sort of walking zombie because you just wake up and do the whole thing over again.  but you know what's not something to whine about when it comes to trade shows?  FOOD.  because i ate things like giant prawns, the best salmon i've ever put in my mouth, and short rib stuffed ravioli in a brown butter sauce and basically i was in some sort of orgasmic state whenever it came to food.

2// i committed to doing an eat clean challenge thing that started on monday (as in the eighth) and i'll 100% cop to the fact that i had the best of intentions to stick to it but chicago and delicious food was hard and there was booze so i failed.  BUT i buckled down and started it on wednesday.  so today is everyone's last day of the challenge and they're probably totally pumped and i'm over here kicking myself for not just sticking to the original plan but RPM restaurant - i couldn't quit you.  SO through the weekend it's just going to be me and my plain greek yogurt that i just can't seem to doctor up enough to taste good and all the other things that i don't actually want to eat.  like more greek yogurt.  or kale.

3// i was always so anti any e-reader.  but then things like pre-ordering and automatic downloading and borrowing e-books right from the library and being able to immediately download became a reality and now i won't stop can't stop.  so imagine how gleeful i was monday morning when a new book i had pre-ordered was waiting for me. #screwdrivered

4// i'm well into my first week of being shitler-less.  and i must say that it is glorious.  shitler is not one that enjoys alone time or solitary-type confinement so it's been amusing to get snapchat after snapchat of him trying to entertain himself.  which typically just means him getting drunk.  in his hotel room.  by himself.
poor guy.  BUT not poor shannon.  because the other day i bought some razors since i figured that was half the battle in attempting to shave legs and pits but then i was like WHOA why even bother.  because who am i trying to impress?  no one.  he gone.

5// so we all know that my dinkus dog mac is obsessed with me.  and yes he lumbers his sixty-pound self into bed every night and insists on sleeping with us.  so i think he's just beyond happy that shitler is gone and he gets more of the bed.  and last night was no exception.  because when i woke up at like 2AM i was crammed onto the side that shitler normally sleeps on and when i looked over mac was sleeping.  on his back.  head on the pillows.  under the covers.  like a damn human.  and it was comical and weird all at the same time.

so that's that.  and now it's back to the reality of having to work at the restaurant tonight.
double drat.

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  1. Cheers to hairy legs and raunchy reads.

  2. dude. so my manchild comes home within the next *cough* ten days-ish *cough* and i'm like OH MY GOD I NEED TO BINGE WATCH NETFLIZ WHILE I STILL HAVE THE TV TO MYSELF so i finally decided to give that doctor who and sherlock show a go since apparently my ass is "missing out" and fandoms act like mean girls and you can't sit with them til you watch that shit.
    so yay for no shitler

  3. Why in the world didn't you take a picture of Mac sleeping that way?

  4. Screwdrivered... def an book best read digitally - based on the cover you'll need both hands while you're reading it.

  5. Dude. My first sip of booze after 5 days without it was glorious. My Saturday consisted of a bloody mary, beer and wine. I just went all out.

  6. Hey guess what? Trade shows are exhausting.

    Better late than never. #friendoftheyear


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