Thursday, September 4

mornings used to be my friend

can we talk about mornings?
this is my daily alarm situation.

monday through friday - that's my reality.
but spoiler alert i never make it to the gym in the AM and a majority of the time i don't even bother showering.  and it's not for lack of trying.  because i really do try.  i roll over and inevitably hit snooze every eight minutes and totally think long and hard about getting up but alas i am never successful.  and what's even worse is that i'm at my most productive in the mornings.  like back in college it was like power paper writing from 6AM till noon and then after that all bets were off because soap operas were on and days of our lives was my jam (shawn d & belle 4EVA).  

but rainy mornings are especially hard because gloom and doom outside and cuddly border collies make getting out of my cocoon of comfort basically the hardest thing in the world.  because that was exactly my morning.  and then when i finally did get up (extremely late, by the way) i just kind of zombie-like plodded through my morning and the entire drive to work kind of felt like a dream.  especially when i pulled up along side of a gentleman reading his newspaper.  in the driver's seat.  waiting at the light to pull onto the expressway.  and really my only reaction was this:

 photo tumblr_m79gbhu3oj1ql5yr7o1_400_zpsb7f5de49.gif

but ideally i would love to be able to rouse my lazy ass out of bed in the morning and get working out done and out of the way.  i feel like having a wedding and needing to fit into my toga smock dress was motivation to like the millionth degree but now "being healthy because that's what adults do" is just seriously so un-motivating.  so now i'm just going to need other people to help me.  which is where ashten and this challenge come in.  girlfriend tweeted that she'd call me every morning and get my chubby (my words, not hers) ass out of bed for a work out.  i don't think she knows what she's gotten herself into but here's to hoping that this will help my chubby ass me.

also if you want to join us i think today is the last day to join the challenge and it's only five doll hairs so maybe just do it with me and then we can commiserate.
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  1. 5AM?! Are you on drugs?! Or is that being an adult? Because if it is, I want out.

  2. No. As an adult I don't believe I should have to be up before 6:30AM. That's my absolutely earliest.

  3. 5:00 am? Ew. That's ridiculous. Good luck, I guess.

  4. ha. join you. you're funny. if it makes you feel any better i haven't gone to the gym since july and barely even leave my house anymore. i'm pretty sure you wake up before i even go to sleep. i haven't even been awake for 3 hours yet.

  5. Ewww. I'm trying to be healthier and such as well, but 5 am? Not happening. Let's just be real. Also, dog walking is exercise in my book, and that's way more fun than the gym, so... Just thoughts in my head as I read your post.

  6. So does this mean you wake up at 7am on weekends to take your womb-creature-banning pill?!

  7. "Pill than bans womb creatures." HA!


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