Monday, September 29

vacation woes

i'm literally counting down the days till the new year.
till 2015.
and for no reason other than i will once again have vacation days. 

between getting married and being in mexico for two weeks, getting pneumonia, and then also taking off of work for shitler's oral surgery tooth removal i was out of vacation days by the end of may.  as in there was still over six months left in the year and i have since relied only on the occasional holiday for a brief reprieve from work and i must admit that it's been a real struggle.  because combine that with working weekends at the restaurant and that leaves me with one day off a week.  woof.  and i've mainly only survived on hilarious internet pictures, wine, and various nonsense to keep me sane.  so at the stroke of midnight on the new year i'm going to immediately take at least three days off of work and hibernate in my house.  because come january in wisonsin i'm sure we will be balls deep in the polar vortex and it will be negative like a thousand degrees and it just makes sense to not leave the house as my first order of business in the new year.

and this all seemed appropriate to whine about on monday (see also: first world problems and yes i'm lucky to have vacation and mexico was a blasty).
because we're all back at work and generally hating life and everything in the universe is annoying us because the coffee isn't working and you couldn't sleep the night before so you stayed up till 2AM watching ella enchanted and then reruns of new girl that you've already seen a kajillion times.  oh wait - that's just me.

in related news (internet things that have kept me sane) - i've been really into wombats lately.

p.s. that last one might be a beaver.  i'm not sure.  but it came up in my google search of wombats and i just really like calling people "noobs."
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  1. Call in sick to work and come to New Orleans October 10th through the 15th. If you can get there, I can provide a pull out couch and lots of shenanigans.

  2. I'lll just leave these here.

  3. Um, this is my life right now. Not the wombats. The no more vacation days. Life is hard.

    1. who do we petition to get that shit fixed/upgraded to more vacation. it's only fair. i'm only happier and therefore more productive...

  4. NO VACATION DAYS?! UGH.... that sounds like the worst. What are you going to do around the holidays?! You'll actually have to show up in the office! My heart hurts for you. (Although, I guess getting married is worth it).

  5. I've nominated you for the Liebster award because I think you're awesome. Details are on my blog :)


  6. So I think I started following along with your blog a little too late in the year. I missed the whole "you got married this year" thing! That's exciting! Always great to meet others in this weird club of newlywed wives who really have no freakin clue what we are doing. Also, my blog is out of commission right now. Stupid blogger. Wanna shoot for next Thursday for your guest post?


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