Friday, September 5

it's begun

cue all sorts of football related posts from here until literally next year (totally sounds more daunting than it actually is).  and let me be the first to admit that for fourteen mondays, one tuesday, and a friday morning i will totally probably be hungover.  because it's packer season and there will either be raucous cause to celebratory drink OR depress drink based on the performance of the packers/outcome of all games. 
and depressed drinking is the cause of my slight sad hangover today.
which is actually the worst kind of hangover.

because when you wake up hungover after a night of celebrating you can at least be reminded that "hey!  i was totally happy and drinking last night because the packers laid out a straight beat down on 'insert any of the three teams i despise here'!"  which is actually the exact opposite of what i am right now.  which is just sad, depressed hungover because the packers played so terribly bad last night and the cherry on top of the shit sundae was that it was against the cheathawks seahawks and losing is bad enough but i certainly don't like doing it against those bag of dicks
and yes i'm still holding a grudge from last 2012.  because duh.

so you'll have to excuse me while i weep into my diet breakfast (which is literally the worst when you're hungover) and also mull over my deep hatred for those pacific northwest gross birds.

OMG you guys.  the most awful thing just happened.

i should let you know that it usually takes me f'ing forever to even compile the simplest of posts.  so in the two hours that this draft has been open i've listened to a song that i've been obsessing over ever since it was introduced to me.  i figured that, in my current condition, it might make me feel better.  so naturally i went to listen to it again on spotify and IT IS NO LONGER AVAILABLE.  this the worst day of my life.  like ever.  #firstworldproblems - i know.
i found it on grooveshark so you can do yourself the most giant of favors by listening to it and then also commiserate with me because it's no longer available on spotity (where i do most of my musical listenings).
also i know that "listenings" isn't a word but i deserve a pass.
i should go home.  
do you think work would allow me to bail based on "THE SONG I LOVE ISN'T ON SPOTIFY ANYMORE, THE PACKERS LOST, AND I'M HUNGOVER/MY LIFE IS TERRIBLE" excuse?

ya - i don't think that'll work either.
i'll just stare at aaron.

p.s. happy friday assholes.
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  1. This sounds like a cheering-up job for tacos.

  2. After my dear husband watched the game last night (and I assume drank himself into a depressed stupor), he totally fell out of bed. And I woke up this morning to him sound asleep on the couch instead of working.

    I just shook my head and welcomed him to the life of a Browns fan- we always drink out of depression.

  3. I kept running into the cardio room at the gym last night to check the score and the trainer thought I was dying or something. NOPE JUST ANGRY WITH THIS GAME.

  4. ugh depressed hangovers are the worst.

  5. I don't care about football, i know i know. everyone hates me. it's ok. but at least i fully support yours and anyone else's love for the sport. that counts for something right?

  6. I must admit that it's hard for me to hate the Packers with Aaron Rodgers as QB. Especially when we have Cutler - FOREVER.

  7. We need to talk fantasy football soon because I feel like you're the only one that can talk me off the edge.

  8. Just fuck. You need to talk to your boy Rodgers because he's my qb and did shit for me last night!

  9. I hate the Packers, but I grew up in Minnesota, so duh. Also, I'm coming your way at the end of the month so we can get over our epic football rivalry and drink. #nopackno


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