Friday, September 19

hairless cat

remember when i wrote that post about getting my snooch waxed?
if you don't you can refresh your memory by clicking here.  and also here.
with that being said and read shitler told me that he would be home tonight.  as in like twelve hours from now or something.  and i was like "oh.  ok."  and then he was like "do you miss me?"  and i was like "i would like some D and some snuggsin."  and he was like "only if you're lucky."  and i was like "rude."  but then it dawned on me that my downstairs business was still like something out of rain forest and that it would probably take a machete to hack through it.  you're welcome for the visual.  and then i all of the sudden was like "fuck i thought i had more time to take care of my power bush."  but now the time is dwindling down to like hours and there's no time left to see my regular snooch lady and i'm sure as shit not going back to that one lady with the rubbing and the rounding of the imaginary bases and then i remembered that my friend mentioned that a new place opened up not too far from us.  and so i jumped online, googled, booked an appointment, and just like that i could add another person to the list of people who have seen my snooch at its very worst.  and i didn't even blink about adding to the list because since the place is new i get half off my snooch wax today.  so for $27.50 she'll be right as rain and just like that we all learned how cheap my snooch is.

tell no one about my cheap snooch.
i also think this means that i would be a terrible hooker.

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  1. i can't even read this post because i'm so fucking scared of that goddamn hairless cat....

  2. For what it's worth, I think you'd at least be an average hooker. You're welcome.

  3. So glad to hear that your cheap snooch is now as hairless as that devil-cat. And $27.50?!? I'm jealous of that hot deal.

  4. i got waxed for the first time yesterday. you bitch why didn't you warn me about that shit! i was not prepared and ended up preeeeeetty tender. manchild came home this afternoon and within hours we found ourselves fucking. yeah, that shit didn't go as smoothly as i thought it would...
    also, how is your snooch worth 27.50? mine was like 70. whore.

  5. that cat.


    this is like some sexy code right meow.

  6. i love everything about you and your cheap pikachu.


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