Friday, May 24

pretty, pretty aubrey

i cannot wait to just GTFO of this hellish place that is work.
it's just a matter of hours that separates my liver and the disastrous things i plan on doing to it on this extended weekend.  and by extended weekend i mean that i don't have to step foot in either of my places of employment until wednesday.  praise be.

but first things first: the high-fiving.

1// whatever tiny john travolta.  look at you with your "stayin' alive" moves.  the world applauds you baby b.
2// he's just a wreck.  like no mac it's not ok for us to come home to you and your drunkenness and googly
eye-glasses.  get it together.
3// i think if uncle rico were able to speak he would be saying "it's real fucked up that you tied me to this tree."
4// although i'm like the world's happiest camper with my new iPhone 5 it's been a real pain in the ass to re-download all my music onto it.  but if there's one thing i'm beyond loving it's re-discovering all the music i had previously downloaded that couldn't fit on the baby 16GB phone that is now a thing of the past.  like i died listening to the snow patrol/martha wainwright song "set fire to the third bar" on repeat all damn morning.
it will change your life.  download it.  now.
5// and just a little something to send you into the weekend.  because it's true.

and this song for whitney's azz-tastic friday.
because i think we all know the words and i think we could all basically sing it off-key together at the drop of a hat.

p.s. i'm not the least bit ashamed to admit that i watched diddy's making the band and that one of the best reality television lines ever was when aubrey wept in the recording booth about she just didn't want to only be "pretty, pretty aubrey."  please tell me you all remember that too?

Gin and Bare It


  1. Happy Friday! I'm ready to get the hell out of work!

  2. Of course I remember that stupid show and all of the stupid shit that went down. I was addicted and I was obsessed with that first DK album way too much. Apparently they're getting back together?

    1...2...3... whatdafuk?!

  3. Senior year of high school we couldn't get enough of that Damage song. So god damn catchy! Ahh fuck, now it's in my head grr

  4. Remember how gorgeous Aubrey was? I mean she still is, but I'd say like 15% of her original self.

    Number 4 stopped my heart and gave me PTSD. But you saved yourself with #5.

  5. I love your blog...just sayin.

    Have a great weekend off, and enjoy the break!

  6. danity kane, you just moved up a level in my book.

  7. I vividly remember driving to homecoming my senior year of high school blasting this song. And singing every word at the top of our lungs.

  8. This pots is 100% improvement from yesterday. Job well done, soldier. Have a great memorial day weekend!

  9. This. Fucking. Song. YESSSS. Excuse me while I twerk alone in my apartment. IS THAT SO WRONG?
    Have a great weekend, enjoy that damn lake.

  10. Oh my gosh, Danity Kane! I loved Making the Band and that song! Still kinda love the song!


    1. I KNOW. ABSOLUTELY AMAZING those skanks were.

  11. that damn dog. love it!

  12. hahahaahha
    Danity Kane.. whatever happened to them!? & that cat is the BEST!!! just saying..

    Hope you had a great weekend

  13. LOVE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I totally forgot about this song....


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