Friday, May 3

serenade me murphy lee

do you want to know how i'm still convinced that it's not really, actually friday?

because this morning when i woke up and then showered and readied myself to make the three trips to the car that was necessary to haul all my shit out of the house it decided torrential down-pour.  so i couldn't help but stand there for a few beats, just defeated, because i had actually dried my hair this morning.  but then on the third trip to the car, while carrying a damn cake, mac decided to bust his way to freedom from the house and prance around me, practically tripping me and spraying up mud everywhere.  so instead of sporting the drowned rat look i was now looking more like a drowned rat that had crawled its way out of a sewer.

so now i'm wearing some sort of winter cap.
because my life is a disaster.
but there are some things i'm high-fiving.
and also the backing up of my ass.  so at least there's that.

1// i'm no sucker for wrapping paper.  but i couldn't resist these dogs on wrapping paper.
thank you target - for once again making me buy a bunch of shit i don't even need.
2// piers are in!  please channel your inner jersey shore and say it like they would say "cabs are here!"  there are just so many boats out and so much fun to be had and so much booze to be ingested that this summer will be glorious.
and it kind of makes me almost weep tears of joy.
3// i'm sorry mac but i wasn't are that you had tiny T-REX arms.  get it together.
4// OH - bought a new purse.  i think i'm going to start using "this is my bag baby" a lot more.  not to mention i just about die for anything large and yellow.  which could mean that i also really like big bird.
which i will neither confirm nor deny.
5// lastly and obviously most importantly i entered myself and shitler in a proposal contest where you could win like 10K worth of cash and prizes for a wedding.  i'm going to need everyone to like constantly rate us five out of five engagement rings.  also - the knot claims that ratings and page views are just for fun but i call fucking bullshit.  so they decide on finalists and then from there i'm guessing people vote.  so you should probably go to this link and read the story.  it involves nudity and a hangover.  but not one, single sombrero.  which is total shit.  and not to mention that shitler is being a real douche about the ratings.  like of course he would only rate it a one out of five engagement rings.  just to vex me.
also - this is when we used to be cute.  like when we were just a couple of high school babies.

i'm going to give a big old shout out to mah dawg murphy lee.  he's basically an OG.
both the canine and the rap star that he was named after.
get it together you drunk.
so yes i will back my ass up and try my damnedest to figure out what the hook 'gon be.
join me.

Gin and Bare It


  1. lol i love your post. made me giggle. i'm sick of this rain and cold ass fucken weather. i hate wi.

  2. The one day I finally wear shorts it decides to be gloomy and chance of rain. Awesome. Weather needs to get off it's period hard core. Right there with you chica

  3. Baby Shan & Shitler! Stop being cute, it freaks me out.

    It is going to be 90 degrees here today. JUST SAYING.

  4. Murphy you are so gangsta, I love it. Also, I can't accept this picture of you guys as high school babies. It ruins my image of you.

  5. hahaha you're hilarious! i love your blog :)

  6. OMG!!! Just followed you on Bloglovin! Found you through Mess in the Making. You're hilarious!! Can't wait to read more!!

    Come check me out, and follow too!!


  7. when it rains it pours...


  8. THAT PICTURE!! That is amazing, just amazing.
    I also need that wrapping paper, it is G's birthday this weekend and he is overly obsessed with Bostons. That is far too perfect.

  9. Love that new yellow bag! And I'm officially in love with Murphy Lee.


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