Thursday, May 30


this has basically been the best week of my life.  because, not to be redundant, but i only had to work three days this week.  and it's definitely, for sure something that i could like all the time get used to.  today will also mark the day that i actually start the hard-core diet and starving myself (half-kidding) so that i don't look like a beached whale at my wedding which is like officially, official less than a year away.  also give me a prize for that run-on sentence.
so stay tuned for me hating my life and attempting to use a heart-rate monitor.
first we high-five.

1// i can't help but love everything about the giant trees outside of the house.  it looks like a damn jungle.  but since it looks like a damn jungle there's a gazillion jungle bugs.

2// murphy lee.  just desperate to be freed from the clutches of that monster.

3// and mac just snuggled like a bug in a damn rug.  i can't handle it.  he just wants all of your love and he never thinks that's too much to ask.

4// the family neighbors have this shot glass.  and i'm in love.  and just - WORD.

5// and i forgot about this picture from the weekend.  but i couldn't not share it.  because this wonderful drinking family bongs beers from a gnome they've modified.  just so fantastic.

and then to wrap this bitch up and back up my ass in honor of princess whitney.

p.s. sorry this was a shit post.

Gin and Bare It


  1. I only worked yesterday and today this week! Woohoo for short weeks!

  2. Def not a shit post. Love the shot glass and gnome bong!! lol. I saw Sarah already did, but I wanted to let you know I nominated you for an Ivrester Award!! Congratulations!!

  3. Are you fucking kidding me with that gnome right now?

  4. I need that gnome. And that shot glass. At that point, I think my nonsense filled life would be complete.

  5. That gnome is the best thing I've ever seen.

    1. i thought so too. i need one of my very own.

  6. BUG IN A RUG. I call jmeoww that at least 5x a day. That is the weirdest thing I've admitted to you.

    The gnome...still brilliant.

  7. That shot glass is awesome. Word, is right.
    However, don't come crying to me when that gnome slits y'alls throats in your sleep. You were warned.


    best song ever.

    And ahem. You can't drink shit out of that shot glass. Unless it's water. REMEMBER SLUT!

  9. Sweet ass shot glass.

    Love the song. It's pretty sweet.

    Kinda like I've secretly been stalking and love you. I've been a blog creeper for too long and now I just can't anymore.

  10. I will definitely second high fives for gnomes, vaginas and starving ourselves in June! WOO HOO! #operationshakirabod leggooooo

  11. I love this song way too much. I also love the gnome.
    and this is not a shit post.

  12. I've just found your blog and so happy I have! Seriously lovely blog, I'm looking forward to catching up on all of your adventures via bloglovin. :) xx

    1. thanks for tuning in. it's usually a shit show.


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