Friday, June 14

i'm accepting visitors because i'm bored and end constructing posts like this

leading up to my wisdom teeth being ripped out of my face i had to deal with shitler telling me to stop being a goddamn baby and that i had another thing coming if i thought i was going to milk this thing.  and naturally he took every opportunity to just mercilessly make fun of me.

hence these photos.  which i totally forgot about until like a half hour ago.

but the joke is on that guy because apparently he's very tuckered out from driving me the ten minutes to and from the oral surgeon so he's getting his nap on.

so now it's just me and my teeth (that yes i asked to keep).

oh wait - me, my teeth, and the pills.  and i'm adding text to photos like this:

i'm going to go ahead and link up with sarah because i haven't yet and she said something about a competion and basically every day is a competition in the shitler household in which we see who can be meaner to the other.  
and also he's wearing a packers shirt.
and sarah likes sports or something.
but maybe not the packers.
which FYI is a sin.

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  1. Ugh, I never even CONSIDERED that you are probably a Packers fan. At least we have a few months on friendship left before football season.

  2. And I never considered keeping my wisdom teeth after their hostile removal...we were not friends by then. I needed some space from the bad memories, and since then we haven't really kept in touch. :) They're probably in some nightmarish medical waste heap, I don't even wanna know.

  3. OMG you would keep them. Ew. What are you going to do with them now??

  4. How did you refrain from kicking him in the nads? I probably would have then asked him who needed the pills and wine lol.

  5. I love you. enough said. just straight up love. You should post that picture I tagged you in on FB. That's sporty-ish. Cheesehead puppah doggy!

  6. I don't want to see those teeth again until they are DIY-ed into a glorious necklace for Shitler.

  7. 1. I gave packer's fans a pretty solid shout out today on the blog. 2. You need to slap him across the face because he is being a bitch ass for not waiting on you hand and foot in your time of need.

  8. Shitler is such a bitch. I love it.
    Greg would have punched me in the face if he was around me after my Wisdom Tooth surgery. If he had his way he probably would have removed them himself just to hurt me.
    And I totally agree with Tiffany's comment. Pinterest that shit.

  9. "waaah I'm shitler and I'm named after feces smeared across my upper lip"

  10. Of course I totally kept mine as well, and know someone who will make a rad necklace or ring out of them! If that's not creepy enough! Goddamn your link to that giveaway you minx I just clicked my hand off. Love you. Also, Barefoot is a great vintage.

  11. Of COURSE you kept your teeth! Hell yes! Also: I love that the dogs look so serious in that pic.


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