Monday, June 10

scripts on scripts on scripts: a medicated weekend

oh hey there.
four day work for this chick over here.
so spectacles, testicles, wallet, and watch.
kidding.  this week is going to blow giant male private parts.
i'm sure if you sometimes check out what i'm doing on any social network that you're probably aware and also sick to death of my face pain/wisdom teeth debacle.  but that's the only thing that's even happening in my life right now.  

friday was a goddamn disaster.
after my dental appointment on thursday i was referred to an oral surgeon because "blah blah, partially impacted, blah blah."  but apparently no one had their shit together and my x-rays didn't get sent over for my appointment with the surgeon on friday.  so it was all "you can call and re-schedule or you can pay and have them done again."  and i was all "no ma'am i'm not rescheduling because my face hurts too goddamn much for that shit and also no i will not be paying again for them because someone is incapable of sending a simple email."  so they so nicely waived the charge and we got down to business.  the surgeon pointed out where it's basically growing into my face and therefore causing the immense pain and then he asked what i would prefer in regards to anesthesia and i was all "well this entire thing is terrifying so i would prefer to not be conscious for it."  and then the dentist was like "well you are extremely anxious so we'll put you under and also here's a prescription for ONE valium.  please fill it and take it an hour before your surgery on friday."  whatever.  shitler will be taking me.  i hope i can operate my phone after the surgery.  i'm awfully pro-drugged-up tweeting and i kind of want to see what sort of damage i can do.

but i digress.
since it was friday it meant i had to work at the restaurant so i just popped pills and hoped for the best.  
saturday was a restaurant work meeting and nothing is more excruciatingly painful than one of those.  so it was more pills to help numb all the pain - both physical and emotional.  and i'm not kidding about the meetings.  there's a few people that always have JUST ONE MORE QUESTION TO ASK.  and all you want to do is strangle the ever-living shit out of them because they're exactly like the kid in school who reminded the teacher that they hadn't assigned any homework yet.  i also ate some mushy cheese curds, had drinks, worked more, and then went home and attempted to eat a chip before i passed out.  please see below:

sunday i fist pumped like a champion because i didn't have to do anything and shitler went to a  brewer game so it meant i had the whole goddamn house to myself.  so naturally i stocked up on mushy foods and then got horizontal on the couch with pretty little liars and these two dorks.


little E was just all sorts of excited over the hounds.  it was ADORABLE.

i feel like my brain still can't fully comprehend pretty little liars and all the shit they get done. 
on the real.  their phones never die, they basically never have homework, and they just roam around.
is that real life?  am i old?

lastly i need you all to know that i got so fed up with eating mush foods that i took enough pain medication to effectively numb my face and then i gnawed on a piece of pizza.  which basically made me feel like a rebel.  until this morning.  when i woke up with such excruciating pain that i've effectively learned my lesson.

p.s. GoT'ers - what did we think?  did we like it?  and for those not reading the books i need you to.  for the love of all that's holy i need you to so we can discuss the most awesome things to come.

p.p.s. i'm linking up with sami.  duh.

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  1. I've read them! I was so frustrated the thing I thought was happening with Geoffrey didn't happen!

  2. a) somehow after reading your thursday post about asshole wisdom teeth MINE came in on friday! I have been bitching all weekend about it and am currently drugged up writing this because fuck wisdom teeth that's why. and b)I'm pretty sure PLL is a drug of some sort because I am addicted to that shit like no other. with their perfect hair ALL THE TIME.

  3. haha i love how you refer to pretty little liars at the end. it really ties it all together.

  4. there are a ton of calories in alcohol. this may be the one time in your life when it is socially acceptable to drink all your meals. I would stop eating mushy food this instant if i were you. or just be a real american and get yourself some kfc potatoes. no one can ever get sick of mashed potatoes.

  5. My lady bits are all 'shit, look at that fucker trying to grab at that dog, do not ever have children, they suck'

    But, ONE valium? what the hell is that, like that'll do anything for you? Lame. And rude. But I'll be there 8 am with my video camera.

  6. Pleas film a Shannon after dentist video I need it. And thanks a lot... my lady bits are on fire. That baby is amazing.

  7. You will make it through this surgery, and probably many more throughout your life. What the fuck am I even talking about.

    It is a breeze, as long as you are knocked out. I don't even know why being awake is an option. That is gross.

    GoT was underwhelming, but I get it. I was more occupied playing with Jeff, I really was.

  8. ONE valilum...what is that? A trick? Pshhh...sorry doc I won't come back unless you give me two!

  9. i watched the crap out of some pretty little liars this weekend. watching a bunch back to back makes me crazy. all i think about is 'where the f are their parents?' and 'honestly, what high school kid wakes up early enough to go out for coffee or breakfast with pals before school?' (not to mention put on make up and create an amazeballs hairstyle before all that).

    1. I KNOW. that show just confuses me.
      but i just can't quit it.

  10. Oh fuck me, I HATE those people who just have to keep. speaking. up. at work meetings - the one we have isn't so much a question-asker as a super cheerleader on sunshine valium. "Okay gang! Let's all think of the ways we can help people and be extra friendly!" And...stick a nail in your eye, I think. Good luck with the tooth stuff.

  11. Just found your blog through stephanie over at drink on it. love it!

  12. Hey. PLL premieres tonight bitches!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    And feel better. And stop bitching.

    Also, gimme that goddamn BABY! I want her! Ugh, can't handle the cuteness mmmk!

  13. When you said you attempted to eat one chip & to see below, I was extremely disappointed when no photo of one sad, lonely chip surfaced. And now I can't focus on anything else. Except the PLL girls have the worst parents EVER

  14. I just can't even handle the facial expressions your dogs are able to provide.


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