Friday, June 14

musical rampaging

good morning kids.
i'm writing this quick before my tooth extraction (which thank god is only going to take a half hour).
last night i had a nice bottle of wine to calm my unnecessary nerves.
and this morning i popped the ONE valium they prescribed for me.

i've never known the pleasure of a valium.
or the pain killers.  and i must say they're magical.
but don't worry - i'm not going to get all brett favre on these pills.
and after my general 90s chick music rampage on the twat yesterday i felt it was only keeping to continue through with that for whit-zizy's #backthatazzup Friday

p.s. does anyone else agree that if aaliyah hadn't tragically perished that she would have just shit down on the crazy music skanks and their shenanigans?

Gin and Bare It


  1. Good luck! Don't forget the shannon after surgery videos. We can't wait to see! =)

  2. Good luck with your tooth extraction today!!!!! I'm sure everything will go just dandy!

  3. Aaliyah would have NEVER been a skanky whore. That girl was for real, REAL. I honestly cried a little when she died.... because she was such a good person, singer, actress... pfftt. listen to me sounding like I know her personally.

    It's just sad because she was so young.

    Anyways, good luck on the teeth shit.

  4. Brett Favre was a saint

  5. If Shitler doesn't get us that damn video of Shannon after dentist I will be one pissed cookie who will figure out a way to crash his damn golf game.

  6. Good luck today, I look forward to post-surgery tweets

  7. I love getting Brett Favre on Wranglers.

  8. I was just watching that Aaliyah music video the other day. I just love the creepy baby noise in the background. And I absolutely agree with Whitney. I NEED to see Shannon After Dentist.

  9. wait - just one valium? ridiculous.

  10. That anonymous comment was from Shitler... I am 900% positive.


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