Friday, August 2

i dedicate this post to dick stuff

if you're reading this it means that i've traveled through the night by bus to the state of minneapolis to be with my most favorite person in all the land.  the girl who lazy'd her way through college with me, who binge drank with me, and made questionable questions since the very day that we met (which, if you were wondering, was the first night of college and she happened to get ghost face wasted and puke all over her brand new roommate's bed and then i cleaned it up and then obviously the rest was history).
but i digress.
bitch is getting married.
and this weekend is her bachelorette and i can't wait to shower her in all the dick paraphernalia i bought for her and also force her to wear the dick tutu i crafted in order to make her hate herself.

but whatever.  it's friday.  and i'm not working so i'm probably drinking.
let's get to the good shit.  the high fives of the week.

1// murphy lee just killlllllllllllling it with that look.
2// i'll fully admit to the nerdiness of tweeting a weather picture, and then having a local weather person tweet me asking if he could use the picture, and then the picture totally ends up on the local news.  ignore me.  i'm a freak.
3// someone let me and shitler have a baby for three hours.  EVERYONE MADE IT OUT ALIVE.
4// in discussing spirit animals and which ones we were whit managed to nail it with this mash-up.
5// on monday i discovered tiny empty and full bottles of booze in my purse.  purse booze - FOR THE WIN.

and in honor of whit and the fact that she's still drunk from her birthday yesterday we will bend over to the front, touch our toes, and get low.  for #backthatazzupfriday i want to mellow it out a bit with a little r&b and a little mario.
mainly in honor of my best friend in the whole entire world (that devil in the blue dress from up top - nikkipants).

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  1. how awesome that your pic ended up on the news! i would've photog'd that too.

    1. i felt like such a giant damn loser for getting so excited about it though...

  2. Have a lot of fun and drink a bunch of dranks biotch!

  3. WOOHOO weather pics! love your chicken costume

  4. Purse booze?!!? I'm jealous.

  5. You are winning in life when you find purse booze!

  6. Remember. All that matters IS THAT YOU KEPT THAT BABY ALIVE. have fun dicking around this weekend. I expect texts, pictures, and snap chats.

  7. the idea of you at a bachelorette party makes me very excited.

  8. I can't wait for you to recap what happened with all the dick stuff.


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