Friday, August 30

trying to keep it up

i'm going to do this thing called posting.
and it's going to be weird.
1// shitler is pumped for all the various gun accessories he can buy for the new whip.  and i hate to admit that i don't even mind the look of a damn gun rack in betty.  i'm not sure what that says about me.

2// slight rant - hulu can lick my balls.  i'm constantly having problems with it.  either none of the episodes i want to actually watch even load or every time you try to find an episode that you would like to watch you're faced with the problem of practically finding a needle in a haystack.  so basically i've come to an impasse during my enjoyment of scandal and new girl.  until netflix came riding in like a knight in shining armor to save me scandal season 2 on streaming.  holler at your girl netflix because i'm totally buying us BFF necklaces.

3// since getting betty i have officially been in car washes more in a two week span than i have my entire life.  and i have a favorite one (and no it's not shitler's because that one is 45 minutes away).  but it's the one that has the thirty-seven different colored soaps they spray onto your car and then i feel like popping in a grateful dead cd and maybe mixing myself a mushroom/LSD/marijuana cocktail and have myself a car party.

4//  speaking of betty.  those smelly gross things i call my dogs aren't allowed in any place other than in the way back seat in a little place we like to call DOGGY JAIL.  i would like to confine all that dog hair to one section of the vehicle and i certainly don't need mac's boner rubbing all over all the seats.

5//  i started re-reading one of my all.time.favorite books.  if you haven't read sharp objects than i suggest you stop everything you're doing today and get cracking on it.  it's the same author of gone girl and in my opinion sharp objects is a bajillion times better (if that's even possible) and it's so supremely fucked up which in turn makes it so amazingly good.

so there.  five things i'm high-fiving.
and most of them were about the newish car.  how lame.

sidenote - i feel like i've put backing dat azz up on the back burner.  which is never fun and super frowned upon.
but there's no time like the present.  so here we go whit.

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  1. GIVE ME TWO PAIR!!!! Love that song, reminds me of old times! I haven't read Sharp Objects yet, but I loved Gone Girl and it's on my list!

  2. "Mac's boner" that made me LOL for real!

  3. Netflix is awesome. The only reason I have Hulu is to watch current seasons of shows. :)

  4. This reminded me that I needed to cancel my Hulu Plus subscription, so thanks. Except when I cancelled they offered me a free month, but I am a strong independent woman and I SAID CANCEL.


    Sorry for the yelling. I would like to read that book. Title is noted on my neverending booklist.

  6. Worst part about being in South Africa: missing the first half of season 3 of Scandal.

  7. I'm having the opposite problem. Hulu Plus ONLY has Scandal season 2, and I haven't gotten to start watching it yet, so I'm dying for season 1. If you need a Hulu Plus log in, holla atcha girl.

    Also, I have NO problem with that gun rack. I'm actually a little jealous of it.

  8. If you want a supremely fucked up book may I suggest Running with Scissors, dude makes event the craziest cray feel normal.

  9. Uhhh but I'm already reading a book madam.

  10. I just had an argument with michael that it wasn't just nelly on this track but the st lunatics thanks for confirming this and making me feel real smart. also #3 is super funky and cool

  11. I wish you posted every single day. Like twice a day. You just always give me such delightful things to read. For example: "Hulu can lick my balls." "Holler at your girl Netflix, because I'm totally buying us BFF necklaces." You're a literary genius.

  12. I was actually thinking about getting hulu! Maybe not anymore if its so troublesome!
    Stopping by from H54F!
    Come link up with us!

  13. thanks for the book reco; i've been trying to find a good book to read and i wasn't impressed with Gone Girl at all. like, i stopped reading it about 1/4 of the way in because it just wasn't interesting. will definitely try sharp objects.

    Vodka and Soda

  14. I havent read SHarp objects but LOVED her other book, Dark Places. soooo wrong but sooo good! I am looking for a new series to netflix after falling hardcare in love with Orange is the New Black so maybs I should try Scandal!

  15. Haha, i know what you mean with Hulu and I love that Scandal is on Netflix now!

    Sparkles and Shoes


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