Thursday, August 1

this just in.

i don't have anything of substance to post/write/complain about today.
i feel like i'm in the video game mortal kombat where i'm battling to the death with my allergies and now i've reached that point where my character is swaying weakly back and forth because my opponent has just got done pummeling me and then the phrase "FINISH HIM" sounds off and then my allergies slay me and then the victor turns toward the player and bows.

so in shitler's attempt to teach me how to screenshot on snapchat he sent me this last night.

i'm out of here.
i'm so sick i feel drunk.  and not the good kind of drunk.

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  1. :( I hope you feel better soon!!! fucking allergies. blegh

  2. I don't like the not good drunk.

  3. you're just trying to celebrate with Whitty... in a different way.

  4. Played that game a few weeks ago. It was like riding a bike.... I never forgot how to play, just hit all the buttons all at once. Hope you feel better bud

  5. barf. hope you feel better :/


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