Wednesday, August 14

a zillion things - but not

sometimes there's like a zallion things that you would rather be doing than whatever you're doing right at this moment.  currently i would like to be doing any of the following:

cramming pizza in my face
reading buzzfeed like it's my job
not working
winning the lottery
playing with a whole litter of puppies
getting skinny (like just magically so)
laying on the couch
exacting revenge
being out on the water: boats and hoes style
randomly picking windows and showing up with a boom box blaring a la "say anything"
fucking shit up
not have to do serious adult things
spending money
watching the season finale of princesses: long island
mercilessly fucking with shitler till he complains that i'm being really mean
judging people

or maybe just beer bonging into the sunset.

p.s. i know that's not a zallion things but coming up with a zallion things is not something i would want to sit here and do.

p.p.s. come do some of those things with me?

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  1. I want to do all those things with you AND SO MUCH MORE. That sounded sexual...whoops.

  2. aahhhhh beer bonging in the sunset...lovely!

  3. i would definitely want to be sleeping and playing with puppies!

    Vodka and Soda

  4. I'm totally down for pizza and if people don't stop putting pictures of it in their posts before I get some I might actually eat this damn computer.

  5. 'Exacting revenge'. Sinister.

  6. let's get together and do all of those things at the same time. plan?

  7. Let's start crossing shit off the list bebeh

  8. Let me know when you're ready to tailgate together. Or otherwise just day drink.

  9. If you can make it to central Arkansas next weekend, we can water: boats and hoes style. BOOOOOM

  10. id like to do all of those things with you. particularly the pizza and fucking shit up im real good at those things

  11. Buzzfeed is my life these days! Totally an acceptable thing to do

  12. I'm really good at judging people, so I can help with that.

    1. i feel like there should be a support group for us but really we should start a club.

  13. bonging into the sunset, those were the days!

  14. all. night. long. all of the things.


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