Tuesday, September 18



great news.  i mean super, awesome news.

shaun white?  totally got arrested.  and for what?  possibly the most hilarious thing things ever.
looks like my "dear friend" shaun is being charged with public intoxication (which i'll admit is a joke because that's an average weekend for me), vandalism, and drunkenly destroying a phone (which i didn't even know was against the law but now i'll have to keep that in mind).

then shaun decided it was appropriate to pull the fire alarm at the hotel he was staying at forcing the entire hotel to evacuate, AND THEN try to kick the man that attempted to stop him from fleeing, then attempted to flee and then collided with a fence and got himself a head wound.

i would have given my left nut to see this shit go down.  are you even kidding me?
not to mention that the only thing that made the visual of this entire escapade happening in my head any better was his mug shot.

there is a god.


  1. BAAAAAAAAAAHAHAHAHAHAAAAA ROFLMFAO! He is one god awful ugly ginger!!!!

  2. Carrot Tops doppelgänger - umm- before he started popping steroids and had eyebrows tattoo'd on. I would have loved to seen it happening, too.

    What a douche.


  3. I'm upset about how fucking ugly he looks in this. I honestly thought he was attractive. I have an odd thing for gingers.

  4. Something to the effect of what you said, that could have been anyone's Friday night. He left the douche trail


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