Thursday, September 27

Coffee Talk Installment 3

coffee talk time.  with nat-chick.
so grab the button, link up, answer the questions.
do it in whatever order you f'ing want.

Natalie Blair

1. what is your daily routine?
survive the day.  which normally includes not sleeping through my alarm, battling through a hangover of some sort, being annoyed by everyone in the world and eyeing the phone like i'm plotting to murder it, convincing my fat ass to do go to the gym at some point, and then coming home to lay on the couch.  usually with these couple of wads.

2. what's in your make up stash?
nothing.  absolutely nothing.  because my laziness defines me.  and wearing and putting on make up is time that i could be spending on the couch.  or doing something else that actually fucking matters.

3. are you a morning or a night person?
morning.  through and through.  because shitler isn't awake and i get like four seconds by myself.  
it's quiet and glorious because there's no one around to fucking bother me.  shitler isn't all up in my business and the hounds aren't behaving like raving lunatics.

4. what do you eat for breakfast?  or do you skip and go for brunch?
once again - this is dependent on the prior night.  if i indulged i will eat everything and anything at 7am.  then i'll eat again around ten.  then i'll go get something terrible for me for lunch.  i'm like a black fucking hole on those days.  if i wake feeling dapper then i usually don't eat till lunch or mid-afternoon.

5. how do you wind down at night?
vodka.  duh.

6.  what time do you go to bed or what is your normal bedtime?
it's basically whenever i pass the fuck out like some sort of narcoleptic.  

this has nothing to do with anything.  but here's a picture of a play dough dick.
you're welcome.


  1. roflmfao... all of your answers seriously had me CRACKIN up!!!!!!

    I love you, you nasty girl you!!

  2. Haaa - the dick... laughing tears right now.

  3. you could have rounded out the edges of the head, cmon, that dick is gonna cut someone girl!

    I love you. Let's get together yeah yeah yeah. FUCK MEXICO.


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